HTC Inspire 4g Wifi disconnects and won't connect again unless I reboot phone?

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If the WiFi on the HTC Inspire 4G disconnects and won\'t connect again till you reboot the phone, there could be a problem with the software. First check for any upgrades which may be pending on the phone. You may also want to try a master reset as well.
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Can mobiles phones without WiFi can connect to the internet?

Mobile phones equipped with a mobile data connection can connect to the internet without WiFi, but plans are generally limited on the amount of data you can consume during a billing period, so be wary of your data usage.

How can you reboot your i-phone?

First you sould douse it in water to clean out it's system, once you're done with that, you should dry it with a towel. then hold the home button and the lock button for 1 milisecond then you should GO DIE IN A HOLE ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS LIKE THIS THAT CAUSED 9-11

How do you connect two mobile phones using wifi?

its impossible without a router or any other connected valid network... the thing is u need ip address to connect to another devise unlike bluetooth ... and if u have a router the only thing u can do is share ur interned ,, if ur phone is CAPABLE OF" WIFI DIRECT " then u can share ur files... ( Full Answer )

What can i do if my dsi won't connect to WiFi at my local library?

well u can always go to the information desk and ask them b\c they should know everything with the hotspots...if they can't help you then maybe it needs a password which u ask them to type in....if it's not that then ur out of luck sorry

Your HTC cell phone won't turn on?

This could be due to four different issues.. Your battery may be faulty, and unable to be charged. In this case, you will need to buy a new battery or have it replaced under warranty. Before you replace the battery, you should first ensure the charger is functioning. To find if the charger fun ( Full Answer )

When you I to get the membership pass in WiFi connection it won't work?

im thinking that you said when i try to get the membership pass on wifi connection it wont work. well my answer to that is,some special events on wifi expire over the months and possibly they might maybe put them back in.but once new events come out u wont want that pass can also get it ( Full Answer )

Why won't my dsi connect to wifi?

all i did was go to the system settings and put Internet then connection settings. i put connection 1 and search for an access point. make sure you are close to your computer. find a name that has a gold lock and two or three bars. click it then look at the back of the router (its the thing with lig ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of HTC Evo 4G?

The HTC Evo 4G offers a 4.3" capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. It has an 8 megapixel camera on the back that is capable of recording HD video. In addition to its primary camera, the Evo sports a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera that can be used for video chat. As its name impl ( Full Answer )

Why won't my wifi connect to my iPod Touch?

You may have high router security or an incompatible router. Some routers wont even let other devices see the network. So go to your router security and allow your device. Then on the iPod, go to settings hit wifi and where it says choose a network see of your network shows up and enter your passwor ( Full Answer )

Does the HTC evo 4g phone have texting?

Yes. The HTC Evo 4G offers three text input options. First, and most basic, is the standard HTC keyboard. The Evo also has voice-to-text (the ability to record a voice and convert it to writing). The Evo can also run a beta version of Swype.

How do you reboot iPod Touch 4g?

It is very easy! Hold down the top button (or the sleep/wake button) for 7-10 seconds. A red slide bar appears with the words "slide to turn off." Slide. iPod will show a black screen with a thinking sign in the middle. Once the screen goes blank, your iPod is off. Then, press the top button firmly. ( Full Answer )

Why won't my Pokemon game connect to wifi?

It may be because you are either too far from the router (or ironically) too close to it. Try pressing the reset your router, since most routers have a tiny reset button on the bottom in case the router freezes up. You could also try increasing the router's signal strength in its settings thro ( Full Answer )

Is the HTC Desire the same as the HTC inspire?

I'm pretty sure they are because they are both htc phones and I bought an otter box for my cousins inspire and they gave me a box for the desire hd, and it fit perfectly... So.... Yes.

Is the HTC inspire 4G a good phone?

Yes, I just got mine, and it's amazing! Setting it up is very straight forward, and the phone itself is not slow or confusing at all.

Is the best cell phone deals of Android powered HTC myTouch 4G?

The Android powered HTC MyTouch 4G is sold by Tmobile. While is is not offered online, it may still be offered in stores. Prices vary from week to week. Alternatively, you can search out sites such as eBay which offer MyTouch phones for between $50.00 and $100.00.

How do you connect to internet using wifi on phone?

1. Open up the Wireless settings on your phone. Typically this is under the eneral settings of a cell phone, but consult your manual for the specific location. 2 Turn on Wireless Internet on the phone if it is not already active. 3 Scan for available networks. Usually phones have a button to d ( Full Answer )

What is the unlock code for HTC inspire 4g?

If you want to unlock your HTC Inspire 4G mobile phone fromthe network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code at reasoanble price.

Why does your htc rhyme wifi keep scanning then disconnected on loop?

that's what mine keeps doing my computer uses a MAC wireless as well so I'm not sure if that takes a difference ? and i can connect on mobile network ?:S Also on my usage monitor ( the app that comes with the phone ) it says transmitted 7.39MB received 88.81MB and total used this cycle 96.MB so whi ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock HTC Sensation 4G?

You can unlock HTC sensation 4g using unlock codes... you canpurchase such codes from any vendors online like Mobile UnlockSolutions.

Is the HTC wildfire from metro a 4g?

Nope, it is what some carriers call a 3G+ phone as it supports speeds up to 7.2Mbp/s Down. 3G phones carriers sell as 4g require a speed of at least 14.4Mbp/s down but some are 21Mbp/s down. IMOHO, 4G phones use either Wi-Max, or LTE. I would choose LTE as it is the obvious next gen wireless tec ( Full Answer )

What do i do if the wifi doesn't work on my HTC?

well my wifi isn't working at the moment and i have tried and tried to get it working as it works on everyone elses phone in my house and the laptop. i tried to disconnect the wifi connection onto my phone then reconnected but still doesn't work. i think i am going to try turning my phone off and o ( Full Answer )

What is the iPad wifi 4g AT and T?

This is the latest third-generation iPad with both wi-fi (which all iPads have) as well as a 4G LTE antenna, with an account set up through AT&T.

Why won't my wifi connect to my iPod?

Some wifi modems have a unique way of connecting where they require an IP address put into its system. (Check owner's manual). Also, the iPod's wifi settings may be off, meaning no wifi will be detected. Try turning it off if it isn't already, and on again or reboot your iPod.

Can a prepay phone connect to a wifi signal?

A prepay phone can connect to a wifi signal as long as it has a wifi receiver and there is an available wifi network within close proximity to the phone.

Can a cell phone use WiFi to connect to the internet?

You are now able to use your cell phone to connect to the Internet. This feature is called tethering. This can be done on a regular phone, you no longer need a smartphone to utilize the Internet through your phone.

How do you reboot a phone?

You either look in your settings or take off the phone battery lid thing, take out the battery and put it in again. If that doesn't work, there might be a reset button on some phones. It really depends on what phone u have. If all these thing don't work, then try searching on the internet.

How do you create your own wifi hotspot on your HTC One V phone?

It would be under Settings > Wireless & Networks >Tethering & portable hotspot. First setup your wi-fi hotspot(network ID, password, etc.), then turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspotfor a wi-fi device such as a laptop or tablet to find the HTC OneV's ID.

How can you reboot an HTC evo 4g?

HTC evo 4g can be rebooted by long Pressing the POWER button, andthen tapping the Restart option on the screen.