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Document each time you call. Keep all of your paperwork in order. If you've got the time and money, take them to small claims court. Most likely they won't want to go to court and will refund your money.

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How can you get the original title to a motorcycle that was repaired and never picked up?

you tell me

My friend was picked up for a DUI in my vehicle and i was in the passenger seat Will my insurance go up?


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If you put a down payment but did not pick up the car can you get out of the deal?

If a down payment is put down on a vehicle and it is never picked up, it is possible to get out of the deal. However, the down payment will probably stay with the seller. The seller has the right to sell the vehicle again if it is not picked up in the agreed upon amount of time.

How long does it take for a car repossession to show up on your credit report?

1-6 months depending on the lender. Once the vehicle is picked up and sent to auction which will happen in 30-60 days.Once the paperwork is processed when the vehicle is picked up the cbr should be updated within 30 days.

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How do you get a title for vehicle after bankruptcy if its been over 5 years and they have not picked it up?

You don't. The lien must be cleared before title transfer can take place. Pay the note or surrender the vehicle.

Can you reprot your car stolen after repros?

You cant report car stolen after being repoed, because the police have on file the vehicle as a repo. Once the vehicle is picked up it is reported so the authorities don't go out looking for a vehicle that hasn't been stolen.

Can your car be picked up because you don't have insurance?

In Oklahoma, your vehicle, motorcycle, golf cart, boat or other registered mode of motorized transportation can be impounded if the driver cannot prove the vehicle is insured. Your vehicle can be towed even if you HAVE insurance but cannot prove it.

Can a Repo man take a car if you own it?

A repo worker does not normally pick up a vehicle unless he has an order from the lien holder (usually the creditor who financed the vehicle). If you own your vehicle outright with no liens against it, the repo person probably picked it up by mistake.

How do you write a voluntary repossession letter?

Simply state in the letter that you wish to surrender the vehicle, list the loan number, the VIN, or any other way to identify the vehicle and the account with the lender. Notify them where the vehicle can be picked up, and where the keys will be located. And, have it there when the agents come to recover it.

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What to do if your friend was in a hit and run in your car?

You had better hope that you picked your friends well, and they will own up to being the operator of the striking/fleeing vehicle. Otherwise - the law considers the registered owner to be the operator of the striking/fleeing vehicle and you will have to prove that your friend was in possession of the vehicle at the time of the collision.

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Will a dealer allow you to use a car that should have been repossessed but was never picked up as a trade-in?

If you cannot produce a "clean title", you cannot sell or trade the vehicle.

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There are 2 steps to donating your vehicle to volunteers of America. The first is contact Volunteers of America by calling them or visiting their website and filling in a brief form. The second step is to be available to have the vehicle picked up and sign the vehicle over to Volunteers of America. They take care of everything else.

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When repo company comes and gets your car can they drive your car to whatever designation?

Once they take the vehicle, the responsibility is on them. If they damage the vehicle or total it the tow guy has to pay. If your car is taken, cancel the insurance since you are not responsible after the car is picked up and leaves your possession.

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