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It is not a secret. You need to look at your policy for the effective date and time of the commencement of coverage.

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Insurance is VERY specific when it comes to when coverage starts. If you had the accident BEFORE you got insurance any damage sustained before you purchased the policy damage would not be covered. If you had an accident after the purchase of the policy then any damages would be covered.

Generally, your coverage expires at midnight on the last day of your policy. Until then, you are covered. There may be some time limit during which you must report an accident, but if it happened while you were covered, the insurance company should take care if it.

As with any Insurance Company, as long as you registered the car with your car insurance company, then you are covered either same day or next billing cycle. Usually same day.

Depends on when it was cancelled. Before or after the accident? When did you get the cancellation notice? If you were cancelled before, then obviously you were uninsured. If the accident was your fault, then any costs are yours alone and not the insurance company's.

Your insurance is either valid on the day of your accident or it isn't. If you are asking what happens if the policy was valid on the day of the accident but lapses before the claim is settled then the coverage that was in effect the day of the accident still applies. If your policy was not in effect the day of the accident then coverage will not apply.

Yes. I have household insurance and it covered us when we had a fire followed by a flood all on the same day. It was terrible i was lucky we had insurance.

You must buy all coverages before an accident. If their is an accident, you cannot buy coverages after an accident, and try to get the insurance to pay for it.

Then you where not covered. You are personally responsible for all damages you incurred unless the accident was not your fault. You should not have been driving a car without insurance. You now must pay for that mistake. Learn from it.

You are still within the policy protection period so yes, you are covered as long as the insurance you purchased covered that accident to begin with. It does not matter how long you are staying away, as long as the plicy is in force while you are still traveling. Think about it. If you buy a 1 year term life policy and die within that 1st year, you are covered. If you die within one year and a day...tough luck on your family. 4lifeguild

There is no DAY car insurance company location. Day car insurance is more of an option used by automobile insurance companies to allow you to drive your vehicle to a location while being covered insurance wise.

Maybe. Some insurance policies have a grace period. Therefore, depending on the circumstances you may be covered. You need to call your agent asap. Not if you are with Safe Auto. They dont care if you are 15 mins late with a payment. Most places have a grace period though.

Hired Workers not covered by Homeowners InsuranceNo. They would be covered by their employers Worker Compensation coverage.

What do you think will happen if you have an accident on the first day you have a license? Let's say you hurt someone with a medical cost of $100,000 and total their $45,000 car. Since it's your first day should you get a pass? Who will pay for their damages and medical costs? Of course you need to be covered by your parents auto insurance on the first day you get a license. If your old enough to get a license you need to think like an adult with responsibilities.

They will have a pink card stating the insurance company on it still, as long as the accident happened in the one day they were insured.

No, living with you or not, you son's name must be on the policy to be covered. If he gets into an accident, he has to tell the police a good reason for him using your car that day so your insurance doesn't penalize you. You can say you were sick and he went to pick up medicine for you that day or something like that. If he admits that he regularily drives your car, it will get you in trouble. If the accident isn't his fault and he has a good reason for using your car, it should be okay.

Personal accident insurance varies greatly in price depending on the company used, length of contract etc. It can be bought for as little as $10 to $20 per day.

Personal accident insurance is often available in conjunction with travel or rental car purchases. The cost can vary based on which insurance company is providing the coverage but is relatively low, perhaps $10-20 per day.

Auto Insurance Company Code 053 is for Praetorian Insurance Company, there address is 7 Times Square 37th Floor, New York, NY 10036. This is a dollar a day policy meaning you pay $365 a year for insurance on a car, but you do not have PIP benefits if say you were injured in a car accident your bills would not be covered.

No, but if you were switching companies, hopefully you didn't cancel the 1st one before the 2nd one took effect. Your first company should cover it if it wasn't cancelled yet.

You might be covered already under your life insurance policy or your homeowners policy. Check to see you are not already covered. Be sure to look at as they might have something to fit your needs.

As odd as it may sound, one day insurance is available to those who might need it. If you find that you are going to be engaging in some kind of dangerous activity in the near future, then you are going to want to make sure that you are purchasing this type of insurance. It will keep you covered for that one day. If something terrible were to happen, then at least you would be covered. The best part is that this type of insurance is not too expensive for you to get. Since you are only being covered for one day, you will be able to afford this kind of thing.

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