Hairstylist how to work from home in Saskatchewan?

If you are a journey person.. all you have to do is go to your local town/city office and get a annual business lisence-they usually arent too expensive($15-$50) for the year. Then your good to go .. it would be nice to have everything you need.. a hair sink/chair/mirror/ you could even sell product for whatever price you decide to increase it at. make the most of it! put together some gift baskets that you can sell.. offer coupons for people that come in for colours or something for the next time they come in.. a smart decision would be to make refferrel cards.. so say if one person reffers 3 people to you .. they will get an extra 30% or so off of there next appointment:) Have fun... and if you arent a journeyperson.. try keeping your marketing a little more quiet ;) the power of word of mouth is a beautiful thing.