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Most Games you legally buy have details on what machines they are designed to run on.

Halo, earlier versions, did run on computers using the Windows Operating System as well as the Macintosh Operating System. One reason for the change is what the game needs to work best with - general/desktop computer or specialist physics & graphics & sound chips only available on (guess which machine).

The Xbox 360 version only works on xbox, not on computers.

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How do you get Halo 3 forge as a program on your PC?

Search Forge in google there is a forge program for your computer!

Does Halo 3 odst have a forge mode?

No halo 3 ODST does not have a forge mode unless you have the multiplayer disc but it is the same as the halo 3 forge same maps and everything

How do you get money in Halo 3 forge?

You don't. Money in Halo 3 Forge is set to the map limit.

Is Halo 3 forge offline?

No, halo 3 forge is not offline, you may play it online with friends or others.

How can you spawn a odst in forge on Halo 3?

You can not spawn NPC's (Non Playable Characters) in Halo 3 Forge.

Do you play against the computer in Halo Reach forge?


How do you play forge world on halo 2?

Forge world is not available in Halo 2, it was introduced in Halo 3 and reappeared in Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

How do you fire a laser in halo forge?

You can't only in halo 3 that forge robot kills Johnson

Can you forge a shade in Halo 3?


Can you do forge on Halo 3 cmapaigne?


Is there a scarab in Halo 3 forge?


How do you forge in Halo 3?

go to the main menu and select forge

Will Halo 3 odst have forge?

yes i am sure of it. If halo 3 has forge and everyone agrees it is a good idea I'm sure they will keep it.

Can you drive a scarab on halo 3 forge?


Is forge world in Halo 3?

yes there is

Is Halo 3 ODST going to have forge mode?

Yes, there will be Forge mode in Halo 3: ODST... but on the other hand there is two discs so there might not be in the halo ODST disc.:)

Is there forge world on Halo 3?

No but if you are looking for a great map to forge on then I would suggest that you would go on sand trap but the only halo that has forge world is halo reach hope this helped thank you.

How do you start Halo 2 map editor?

Forge is not in Halo 2 and comes out in Halo 3 and Reach

In Halo 3 in forge can you ever make scarabs?


How do you spawn a pelican on Halo 3 forge?

you cant

How do you play campaign forge in halo 3?

There is no way

How do you modify stuff on Halo 3?

Forge mode

How do you play as a hunter in Halo 3 forge?

You can't

How do you get to sandbox mode on Halo 3 odst?


How do you spawn a jackle on forge in Halo 3?

You can't. =(

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