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A collection of all the pieces was called The Federalist, however the individual pieces were called The Federalist Papers as they appeared in newspapers over time. Hamilton's co-authors were James Madison and John Jay. They published the pieces under the name "Publius".

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Why is a newspaper called a newspaper?

because it is a paper full of the news so new-paper a paper full of news!

Is the newspaper the Atlanta Constitution a national newspaper?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is not a national newspaper in the sense that it can be purchased anywhere (like USA Today, for instance). But the AJC has had a national reputation for decades for its progressive stances and balanced treatment of the news.

What role did James Madison Alexander Hamilton and John Jay play in persuading reluctant states to ratify the constitution?

They wrote the Federalist Papers, going by the anonymous name of Publius; a sort of newspaper thing explaining and persuading the ideals of the constitution and federalism. The most famous was Paper #10: That this country was too big to be an effective republic.

How do you get permission to quote an article from Chicago Sun Times?

Email the newspaper, explaining the purpose of your intended quotation, and ask for permission.

What is a epistolary novel made of?

An epistolary novel is made of documents. It is a book of documents like letters, telegrams, correspondence, newspaper articles and other similar items.

What is the largest newspaper in Georgia?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. See the Related Link.

This Native American tribe wrote its own constitution and published a newspaper?


A series of newspaper articles that effectively argued for the adoption of the Constitution?

The Federalist Papers

What are three effects of the colonists protest of British taxes?

legal documents newspaper and even playing cards

What were some arguments that the colonists used to overcome the Stamp Act?

a: newspaper and legal documents. b: mail. c: ink and paper. d. tea the answer is : A newspapers and legal documents>

Are Newspaper writers' opinions protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

Only in the US.

How would you describe the stamp act?

Taxed printed documents, such as newspaper, college diplomas, and even playing cards

Could you give some example of public documents?

newspaper articles, degrees, divorce papers, brochures,laws

What legislation placed a tax upon newspaper?

The stamp act put a tax on all paper products and documents.

What freedom is exercised by writing a newspaper article?

Freedom of the Petition, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

Which Amendment to the US Constitution would protect Zenger today from prosecution for publishing his newspaper?


Is AJC a magazine or a newspaper?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution serves as the only major newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia. The AJC was a merging of two companies, and this combination took place in 1982.

What were the federalist paper and why were they written?

The Federalist Papers were a series of newspaper articles written in support of the ratification of the Constitution.

Which of these is not a political philosophy that formed the basis for the constitution?

The Federalist Papers were newspaper articles written to persuade colonial Americans to ratify the Constitution. What important role do they play today?

Which type of resource are newspaper accounts written at the time an event occurred?

Newspapers published at the time an even occurred are primary source documents.

What acts require the colonist to attach expensive tax stamps to all newspaper and legal documents?

the stamp act ps i just learnd this in school.......

Which Amendment to the US Constitution would protect John Paul Zenger today from prosecution for publishing his newspaper?

first amendment

What collection of letters defended the constitution?

The Federalist was a collection of letters, 'Written in favor of the new Constitution'. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote them to the newspaper, and it was later made into a book.

What were some items taxed by England during revolutionary war?

paper, tea, newspaper, glass, Legal documents, Licenses, playing cards, and ship's papers

What are examples of prose non-fiction?

Legal documents, biography, documentaries, recipes, manuals, newspaper articles, reports, speeches, advertisements hope this helped!!

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