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I love u

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Q: Happy feeling starting with E?
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What is the duration of This Happy Feeling?

The duration of This Happy Feeling is 1.53 hours.

What is another word for sense of gladness starting with letter E?

Euphoria, feeling Elated, exultant.

What does purple mean on a feeling bracelet?

feeling happy and sad

What feeling is not happy?


What is an example of happy?

Happy is a feeling in which there is positiveness. A person is happy when he has a proper sleep.

How do you say feeling happy in french?

The phrase, se sentir heureux means feeling happy in the French language.

What does happy mean?

happy is a type of feeling and it means you are delightful

What does it mean if you start to feel a sad happy feeling when you are focused in God?

It means your starting to have a closer connection with God you understand what he did for you and your happy because he did it but sad because we didn't deserve what he did. hope I helped you out

Im you happy?

There are many people in the world that are very happy that you are happy. This is a great feeling.

What is the opppsite of happy?

Sad is the opposite of happy emotion. It is a feeling of not happy and is the antonym of the former.

What were Marco feeling for finding the orient?

Marco polo feeling were happy

How is michell musso?

he is feeling happy

What is the strongest feeling of happy?


10 phrases that describe a happy feeling?

1 phrase that describes a happy feeling is 'Birds tweeting softly on a autumn's day.'

What are the ratings and certificates for This Happy Feeling - 1958?

This Happy Feeling - 1958 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S West Germany:16

A feeling starting with letter F?

I'm feeling fine.

Can you list down people's feelings?

1. Happy feeling 2. Sad feeling 3. Nervous feeling

What mood or feeling do these details of setting convey in each scene?

The feeling is caring and happy.


Happy! smile evryon

Why is feeling happy for a person so hard?

perhaps you're feeling too sorry for yourself

How do you describe feeling happy?

Happiness cannot be described in words. It is a feeling which inspires people to be cheerful.

If you were feeling melancholy would you be sad or happy?


What is the comment of the storyblack beauty?

it feeling happy or enjoy

What is the meaning of feeling on top of the world?

Extremely happy

How is Izzy doing?

She is feeling very happy! Me too.