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An extremely large range of hardware and software will work with Windows Vista. It would be impossible to list here all of them.

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Will software for windows work on vista?

i have a CD with software for digital maps made for windows 98 is there any way i can play it with vista

Will drivers for Windows Vista work on Windows XP?

Drivers written for Windows Vista are not backwards-compatible with Windows XP. Most hardware that has a driver for Vista should also have a driver for Windows XP.

Does all hardware that works with Windows XP work with Windows Vista?

No. Due to the length of time between the releases of Windows XP and Windows Vista, as well as Windows Vista ditching support for some legacy technologies, there are many devices that will not function in Windows Vista but work in Windows XP.

What are the different versions of Windows Vista?

Windows vista Windows Vista is designed to work with computer hardware that supports Windows Xp and can even outperform-windows XP on the same hardware.Windows vista is also designed to take advantage of modern hardware capabilities.from start up to shutdown, Microsoft windows vista is different from earlier version of windows. not only is the operating system more versatile than its predecessors are, but it also introduces revolutionary architecture that fundamentally changes the way you work with and manage computers running the operating system.

Why doesn't Nero work on Windows Vista?

Nero does work on Windows Vista.

Can you instal Windows Vista on a Mac?

If you really need to then you can install Windows Vista on a Mac. It is said to work very well with the Mac's hardware - better than with many PC configurations.

Is there software that can make programs made for windows xp work on vista or windows 7?

Backwards-compatibility is already built into Windows Vista and Windows 7. There's nothing that you can install to aid in compatibility if running the program in Comaptibility Mode does not work.

Can you trade RAM with a windows xp to your Windows Vista?

Assuming they are the same type, e.g. DDR2, yes you can. RAM doesn't rely on the OS to work, as it is hardware, not software. You can't, however, put laptop RAM into a desktop system.

How can I obtain hypercam and would it be free?

You can download hypercam for your PC at www.surface64.com/hypercam. This software will work with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This software is 100% free.

Will counter strike source run in windows vista?

It should work. It really depends on if you meet the hardware requirements.

How can zune work with Windows Vista?

Yes, it can work with Windows Vista, it actually works great

What antivirus software is recommended for users of Windows Vista?

Several antivirus' work with Windows Vista. Many online site have reviews on the different antivirus software available so that with a little time and effort you can pick the one that is best for you.

Will Vista Inspirat work on Windows 7?

No. Vista Inspirat is a Vista theme for Windows XP. As XP themes do not work on Windows 7, the theme cannot be used as is.

Your computer operates on windows vista Can you run a program that says to use windows XP or higher?

Yes. The software needs to be able to use the commands and files that are available in Windows XP. Windows Vista will have these available as well as other files and commands that have been developed since Windows XP was released. However, do not confuse this with device drivers. If you have a piece of hardware that specifies that the drivers are for Windows XP, these will not necessarily work under Windows Vista and you will need to download the correct drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Why do Hardware needs Software to work?

The software tells the hardware what to do.

Are there any good free tax 2011 tax software for the new windows vista?

Your windows vista is able to use pretty much any 2011 tax software that would work on other computers. The only ones that might not work are the ones that are only Mac compatible.

Do Windows Vista games work on Windows XP?

Games that are written specifically for Windows Vista will not work on Windows XP. Most games are written so that they will work on both.

Will Microsoft Office 2007 work with Windows Vista?

Yes, Microsoft Office 2007 will work with Windows Vista.

Can battlefield bad company 2 work with Windows Vista?

Yes, I have BFBC2 for Vista and Windows 7 and it does work.

Is windows Vista software compatible with windows 2000 professional?

The main file, EG:a game file. the game may run but any other files contained with the main archive may not open eg: help file. Depending on what software you are running will depend on what will work on windows vista but usually the software will run on vista but the help file may not open. If this happens go to the companys/software creators website and enter the software code and search for help. If this still does not work then send the software creator(s) an email or fax.

Do windows 98 games work on Windows Vista?

Most of them, do not work properly in xp, and they have even less chances with vista.

Can software for windows 2000 professional run on vista?

Many software titles do work, but others do not - It really depends upon the software. There is no single yes or no answer to this question other than that.

Does Star Wars battlefront 1 work with windows vista?

yeah. i have windows vista and there are no problems

Will Windows Vista work with DirectX 9?

Yes. Windows Vista includes DirectX 9.

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