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get a wiring schematic for the Aeromacchi mini bike...same thing

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for 1989 harley Davidson sportster 883?

yes ,I have one

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1997 Harley Davidson Sportster or know where you can get one?

Downloadninjas on utube or a guy on ebay has them

Where oil drain hose hd 2003 1200 sportster?

just behind the starter motor on a 1994 harley Davidson sportster is what looks like some sort of oil-outlet hose does anyone know where this hose is connected to

What fluids do you check after storing a harley for 3 months?

can anyone tell me what fluids to check after storing a harley for 3 months?

How can I lock my oil cap on my 2004 softail standard Harley-Davidson?

Softail oil caps cannot be locked, and to my knowledge nobody makes one that does. If you're concerned with vandalism, my recommendation is to install an alarm that uses Doppler radar perimeter protection, which alerts you if anyone gets too close to your bike. It's fully adjustable for distance.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Harley Davidson 49cc Mini Chopper or know where I can get one?

I believe you are referring to a Chopper 49cc Harley Davidson (Scooter)Try contacting this company, they may know where to get one if they don't have one. SUNNY SPORTS INC.15705 Arrow Hwy. Suite 1Irwindale, CA 91706 Toll Free: 1-888-839-7088Local: 626-939-0268Fax:626-337-3178Email:

Why does your Harley wobble?

The Harley Davidson company has never admitted to the existence of what has been called the "Harley Davidson wobble". But there are many and different opinions about this as anyone can see by doing a short internet search. According to what some people maintain, the wobble is an alleged construction fault in certain types of Harley Davidson motorcycles, resulting in loss of control over the rear wheel of the motorcycle with unforeseeable consequences. Before jumping to conclusions there are several things that I want to stress. First, Harley Davidson is without question an extremely respectable company with a long history. The company and what it stands for has long since become an unisputed legend in the world of motorcycles. What is more, Harley Davidson produces motorcycles of such special character and uniqueness as to be virtually without mentionable competitors in its line of business. This is because their bikes are designed and developed from a certain point of view, based on a concept that is at once classical and modern. I personally find it very difficult to believe that a company of such enormous significance and reputation would ever put a motorcycle on the streets that was not perfectly safe. Another matter is, how do people drive motorcycles - do they drive them in an equally safe way? I should say that the facts show this is not always the case. Any motorcycle has its limits and so have their drivers. When those limits are overriden then accidents can occur. This is equally true of all motorcycles.

Did harley make shovelhead engines for sportsters?

Shortsters? No why would anyone do that

How do you replace the Starter on a 1995 Isuzu rodeo 4wd?

Hi, How Do You Replace a Starter on a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo, V6, 3.2 liter engine? Does anyone know where the starter is? Help. How Do You Replace a Starter on a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo, automatic, 4wd, V6, 3.2 liter engine? Does anyone know where the starter is? Thanks alot.

Where is the starter located on a 3.5 rl acura 98?

does anyone know where a starter is located on a 98 acura 3.5 RL

What will the symptoms be if the stem bearings on my 2015 Harley Davidson fatboy wear out or start going bad?

Feb 24, 2020 - Q: Do you know anything about correcting the Harley wobble in my ... After set and done it still wobbles, the handlebars do when I go over 75 ... I never heard of anyone get 13 k on a tire they wear out in half that ... Start by removing rear wheel and inspect spokes & wheel bearings. ... Neck bearings are bad.

I am trying to find the 1993 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo starter solenoid location or diagram anyone can help out there?

It's attached to the starter.

Does anyone have or know where you can find a wiring diagram for a 1975 Harley Davidson SX250 Dirt Bike?

I have a 1975 SX250 as well. Call Charleston Custom Cycles in Illinois at 217 345 2577. You can order everything from repair manuals to engine/transmission parts to wheels. He deals exclusively with Harley lightweights and they have cheap prices. Good Luck. you can email me at if you have further questions. Check out my SX250 at

Is there anyone out there can give me all 12 starter Pokemon for free?

yes but it has to be 500 dullers

Changed starter on 1998 Pontiac GrandAm SE 2.4LT and found purple and yellow wiring unplugged Does anyone know where it reconnects?

Between the oil filter and starter on the engine block, almost behind the starter.

Is there a starter relay on a 1999 Saturn SW if so where is it locatedmy car makes a faint humming noise and it won't start. Is there anyone with the same problem?

The starter solenoid is attached to and an integral part of the starter.

Will anyone trade a Charmander for any sapphire and ruby starter on diamond and pearl?

Sorry, should have pointed out I want the charmander and will give a ruby/sapphire starter for it...

Why did Joker push Harley off the building?

because she almost killed batman and he couldn't let anyone do that but him....and he's pysico

Has anyone removed a starter from a 65 GTO you have been trying to remove one and there seems to be no room for starter to drop down What is procedure if any to remove starter from this year Gto?

You will probably have to remove the exhaust system to get it down.

Does anyone else have Mercedes A160 auto starting problems?

yes, It was the starter motor on mine I had it repaired at a cost of R5000 as the motor had to be removed to access the starter motor

How do you find a starter Pokémon's nature?

you go in the summary of the pokemon, please add if anyone has ideas

Can you catch the other starter Pokemon in platinum?

maybe but maybe not because i have not seen anyone do that but you can by a hack

Which starter Pokemon do most trainers have when you battle them in heartgold and soulsiver?

dialga dialga is not a starter Pokemon. if anyone does know the starter Pokemon that appears the most in the game heart gold and soulsilver please answer. maybe you spelled the name wrong or were thinking of another Pokemon.

Your '93 Nissan Altima makes a clicking noise when you the electricity turns on the engine will start but the clicking noise doesn't stop Anyone know what this is?

You need to check your starter or your starter selenoid.

You have a 88 trans am with a TPI 305 its been sitting a while and won't start can anyone help you out is the starter bad or the solenoid?

signs of a bad starter solinoid should be a slight clicking and no-crank

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