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It seems to have become fashionable because alot of people think it simply pertains to someone with a self-centered attitude, which is very common in today's "It's all about me" world. Real Narcissism is far from fashionable, it is heartbreaking to be involved with a true narcissist, because you feel as though you can't get to the real person inside of them. They seem to be shells and the realization that they aren't concerned with another's feelings, unless they somehow benefit from it, is shattering.A person that loves a N may spend years trying to get it right with a N, all the while blaming themselves,and hoping and hoping that it will be different once the N comes to his senses about what he really loves and needs. The sad fact is the N doesn't come to his senses. He always passes the blame resulting in his own misery.

2006-09-09 05:40:48
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Q: Has 'narcissism' become a fashionable label to attach to people and if so why?
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Sentence for narcissism?

Kelly's narcissism prevented her from forming genuine friendships with other people. Another phrase for narcissism is self-absorption. It is a noun.

What famous people have narcissism?

all of them

What percentage of people in Australia suffer from narcissism?

I would think a large percent. Narcissism is a global epidemic.

Approximately What percentage of people in Australia suffer from narcissism?

I would imagine a great deal. Narcissism is an epidemic and it is global.

How mamy people have narcissism disorder?

Sadly a lot of people. It is truly an epidemic.

What is the word for People who love themselves?

They are narcissists. They are narcissistic. They have narcissism.

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What is you called when people only care about themselves?

Narcissism, self-absorption

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Can narcissism come out in a man only when he is drunk?

No. They may show their narcissism more if drunk, but there are many sober narcisstic people. Many alcoholics and/or drug abusers are narcisstic.

Are narcissistic people considered crazy?

Narcissism is a form of PERSONALITY DISORDER and is incurable.

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Is narcissism inherent or learned behavior?

Learned. People are not born with narcissism, but they are egocentric as young children and I think narcissism develops from an overblown egocentric development. When every thing in the family is centered totally on the young child and all of that child's wants ( needs are different) are given without delay the egocentric development grows to a point that it becomes narcissism. This doesn't happen with all children, but it does happen.

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How many people have narcissism in the US?

—It is estimated that 1-6% of the general population suffer from NPD.

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What is the antonym of narcissism?

selflessnessSelflessness is an excellent antonym for narcissism (as an adjective), as well as empathy, while a good antonym for a Narcissist (the noun and disorder itself) would be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). People with OCD have extremely sensitive and tender consciences and are thus known to be neurological opposites of Psychopaths and Narcissists. People with OCD are very guilt-prone and overly conscientious. (Note that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is not the same thing as Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). So, when discussing narcissism as a character trait, the antonym "selflessness" is right on; but if referring to it as the disorder, Narcissism, then the opposite of Narcissism would be OCD.

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How does narcissism affect body image?

Narcissism (loving yourself to an extreme degree) in general is associated with a positive body image. Some narcissists love to look at themselves in the mirror, and admire their phycial traits. Even when the narcissism is centered on non-phsical characteristics, narcissism isn't something that you would usually associate with poor body image. Poor body image is usually associated with people who don't like themselves, or some aspect of themselves.