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It seems to have become fashionable because alot of people think it simply pertains to someone with a self-centered attitude, which is very common in today's "It's all about me" world. Real Narcissism is far from fashionable, it is heartbreaking to be involved with a true narcissist, because you feel as though you can't get to the real person inside of them. They seem to be shells and the realization that they aren't concerned with another's feelings, unless they somehow benefit from it, is shattering.A person that loves a N may spend years trying to get it right with a N, all the while blaming themselves,and hoping and hoping that it will be different once the N comes to his senses about what he really loves and needs. The sad fact is the N doesn't come to his senses. He always passes the blame resulting in his own misery.

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Q: Has 'narcissism' become a fashionable label to attach to people and if so why?
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