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Q: Has BJ penn ever been knocked out?
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Who won Diego sanchez or bj penn?

Bj penn

Who is the best mma fighter ever?

BJ Penn or Anderson Siliva.

What is BJ Penn's birthday?

BJ Penn was born on December 13, 1978.

When was BJ Penn born?

BJ Penn was born on December 13, 1978.

Who will win the BJ Penn vs GSP 2nd fight?

BJ Penn obviously!

Is BJ Penn related to the penn championship tennis balls company?

Bj penn is an issue that is vital and you are going to necessitate experienced assistance regarding

Was bj penn in pride fc?


Does bj penn have any brothers?

Yeah brah Reagan Penn!

What car does bj penn drive?


Is BJ Penn from Hawaii?

Yes he is from Hilo, Hawaii

Did GSP cheat in the fight against BJ Penn?

Bj Penn and his camp have accused GSP of both steroid use and of greasing but both claims were not proven

Ufc Lite weight champ?

BJ Penn of Hawaii

Is there a American Brazilian jujitsu champion?

yes . bj penn

How did bj penn lose his hair?

Someone stole his hair during UFC 58. He's been bald since then.

Where did bj penn graduate?

Hilo high school.(Hilo HI)

Did bj penn lose to Frankie Edgar?

ya lost a decision

Is bj penn a filipino?

Penn was born to a father of Anglo-Irish descent and a mother of Korean and Native Hawaiian descent

Does bj penn have a daughter?

No. However, his girlfriend is apparently in the early stages of pregnancy.

What are the ratings and certificates for UFC 107 BJ Penn vs- Diego Sanchez - 2009 TV?

UFC 107 BJ Penn vs- Diego Sanchez - 2009 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA

Who one penn vs st Pierre 1?

George St. Pierre (GSP) vs. BJ Penn 1 took place in UFC 58. GSP won via split decision. While BJ Penn clearly dominated the first round and handled GSP like he's never been handled before, he failed to finish the fight quickly. In the typical fashion of BJ Penn fights, he lost because he became so fatigued and GSP's better conditioning won out in the end.

Did bj penn win UFC 107?

Yes. He defeated Diego Sanchez by TKO.

Who won bj penn frank Edgar fight?

Edgar won. went the distance

What was the bloodiest UFC fight in history?

BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson was rly bloody

Who has the lightweight title in UFC?

Frankie Edgar. He beat BJ Penn at UFC 112 to win it.

Who is a better fighter Georges St. Pierre or BJ Penn?

george st pier better ground and stronger than penn by alot . also faster