Has Bruce forsyth taken drugs?

On 3 occasions. His drink was spiked with a strong dose of ketamin at the tender age of 23. He doesn't remember much except for an all encapsulating feeling of terror, culminated with his first physical beating of his mother. The second time was 7 years later and of his own free will. Bruce opted for a risky cocktail of cocaine, MDMA and Speed. Mostly he enjoyed this experience though reports from close friends did report what they could only describe as extreme gurning like they had never witnessed before. After being removed from the club he was in by security, Bruce enjoyed several hours of being high before plummeting into a self loathing state of depression for approximately 24 hours. Bruce never voluntarily took drugs again. His final encounter unquestionably shaped him to the the man he is is today. A naive experience whilst shopping for ingredients for a mushroom stir fry whilst in Amsterdam with his family, led to Bruce taking a near lethal dose of halucinagins. Irrational behavior and decision making led to him being arrested after police officers found him force feeding a small cat his soiled underwear. Unconfirmed reports stated that Bruce was found rocking on a bench within his cell, constantly repeating the phrase "nice to see you, to see you nice".