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Has Deryk Schlessinger been charged yet?


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Deryk Schlessinger is the son of ultra-conservative radio personality Laura Schlessinger. At the time he became center of a brief scandal in the summer of 2007, he was serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. A MySpace page which allegedly belonged to Deryk Schlessinger contained controversial images and statements about the war in Afghanistan.

As of November, 2009, this story which broke in May of 2007 appears to have dropped out of sight by the first week of September 2007. The Salt Lake Tribune broke the story, which was then picked up by the Santa Barbara Independent, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post.

The Salt Lake Tribune may have removed the initial 5/19/2007 story by Matthew D. LaPlante

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, Deryk Schlessinger was investigated by the Army after a complaint that his MySpace page contained provocative and inflammatory images of Afghans being tormented, as well as incendiary statements about his own bad behavior there.

"Godless crazy people like me have become a generation of apathetic killers" and "Giving God reason to drown the world once more."

There were two photos from the MySpace page of men with guns to their heads. One photo was on TMZ. TMZ confirmed with an Army rep that a photo of a man holding a gun in his mouth did in fact appear on the MySpace page which purportedly belonged to Deryk Schlessinger. The man on the MySpace page appears to be the same man as in this photo of looked identical to the photo of Deryk Schlessinger with Dr. Laura and Andy Granitelli.

See also "DEPT. OF AMERICA: Dr. Laura's Cretin Son" at the political blog Wonkette.
"The 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan shuttered the pages on Friday. The Pentagon managed to immediately cleanse all evidence of the MySpace pages, including whatever copies and cached versions were kept by Google and the internet Archive."

The Santa Barbara Independent reported at the end of August that the Deryk Schlessinger investigation was complete, but that the Army would not comment on whether he was disciplined. No criminal or administrative charges were made part of the public record.

The Independent printed a brief summary of their August 31 coverage again the first week of September, 2007.


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