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Q: Has John Cena ever won the WWE belt?
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Who owns the WWE spinner belt John Cena or WWE?

The WWE own the spinner belt, John Cena just designed it. (by the way the belt doesn't spin anymore)

Will John Cena ever win the WWE belt?

yes.he has won it many times

Has John Cena left WWE for ever?


Who had a WWE championship belt in April 2011?

john cena had the belt in april 2011.

When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt?

He has now.

Who will win the WWE championship belt at breakinpoint 2013?

john Cena

Did john cena ever take drugs on WWE?


Does john Cena ever leave the WWE?

He will eventually.

Will John cena ever return to the WWE?

yes he will

Will john cena ever return to wwe?

yes he will

Is WWE john cena ever going to come back to WWE?

yes John Cena will come back John Cena will signed a full contrast to Friday Night Smackdown

Was WWE john cena ever in a money in the bank match?

did john cena lose the wwe champion in 2011 in money int the bank

Who is the best fighter on WWE?

john cena is the best fighter on wwe ever

What is future of John Cena in WWE?

best future ever he will be the best superstar john cena rocks

Who won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 24?

Shamues Is the wwe champion from john cena Randy Orton defeated Triple H and John Cena at WrestleMania 24 for the WWE Championship belt.

Does John Cena have a WWE belt?

he was wwe champion in till sheamus beat him a few weeks ago.

Has WWE john cena and WWE Stephanie McMahon ever dated?

yes the have went to apple bees why to go john cena apple bees

Is WWE john cena is gay?

john cena is the best wwe super star ever, he raps, wrestles and hes really really strog

When is john Cena going to lose his WWE championship belt NEVER...................................?


Who was the last WWE undisputed champion?

John cena but he changed the style of the belt.

Will john cena ever come back to the WWE?

of course

How much did john cena win WWE champion belt?

92 times What? He has won the WWE Champion Belt 7 times, not 92.

Did john cena ever smoked weed?

no cena does not smoke weed cause it is not allowed in the WWE.

Who is the person in WWE who made the WWE champion belt?

John Cena made the spinner if that's what you're talking about.

When will John Cena come back to the WWE?

John Cena is still in WWE.