Has Libya been called a different name?

The ancient name Libya originally denoted the whole of North Africa west of the Nile and all the way to the Atlantic coast. And then the Greeks used it to refer to the whole of Africa, before it was named Africa by the Romans.

However, the name Libya came to be used for the political country we know now around 1934 by the Italians.

Then on the 24th of December 1951 Libya was declared as the United Kingdom of Libya by the British, who installed king Idris.

Then on the 1st of September 1969 Colonel Mua'mmar al-Qaddafi renamed,

first: Aljamhouriyah Alarabiyyah Allibiyyah (Libyan Arab Republic),

then: the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - which is still current.

The name Jamahiriya is also spelt as Jamahiriyyah, Jamahiria, or Aljamahiria.

These are the the main four names that are known to have been used for Libya.