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Maybe, Im sure that it is private to them.

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Who were Michael jacksons friends when he was a kid?

He didn't really have friends when he was a kid because his dad kept him away from other kids besides his brothers.

Where are Michael Jackson's kids?

They are in temporary custody with Michael Jackson's mother. Michael Jacksons kids are living with their grandmother

Are Michael Jacksons kids his?

Yes. Legally and possibly bioloically.

Who is getting Michael Jacksons kids?

Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson.

Who owns the rights to Michael Jacksons songs?

Michael Jackson. Now his estate, his kids will inherit everything.

Why do Michael Jacksons kids wear masks?

So that they are not exposed, Michael does not want anyone to know what they looked like,

Did any of Michael Jacksons kids speak at his memorial?

Yes, and I thought his daughter was very moving.

Dose Justin Bieber know Michael jacksons kids?

no he hasn't really talked or have seen them.

How do Michael Jackson's kids look?

you can look it up on Google go to the images and tyoe in Michael jacksons kids or prince Michael jackson1, Paris Katherine Michael Jackson, prince Michael Jackson 2( blanket) They look just like Michael!

Did Michael Jackson sleep with that little boy?

no because when the little boy went to Michael jacksons room the was laying down on his bed and Michael Jackson did not sleep with the boy he love kids that's why he have kids of his own

What were Michael jacksons last words to his kids?

there is no answer to that because what he said to them was special and not for people to know so they will keep for ever with them

Where do Michael Jacksons kids attend school?

According, to NBC News, The Today Show, Michael Jackson's kids never attended school. Because Michael Jackson didn't want his kids too, instead he had nannies and governesses at their home, homeschool all three (3) of Michael Jackson's children.

What were the names of joe jacksons kids?

Maureen, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy, Janet and Joh'Vonnie Jackson

Does Michael spears have kids?

yes....3 boys and a girl

Where does the Jackson three live right now?

Michael jacksons"s kids live with his mother right now till they get the results about who keeps the kids that should be in the news pretty soon.

Are Michael Jacksons kids names pillow and Blanket Jackson?

Blanket is a nickname for the youngest child, whose given name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. Michael called him a 'warm blessing', like a blanket.

Do Michael jacksons kids want to live with Janet?

yes? because they are really close with Janet when they was a young kid time with he father Micheal Jackson

What are the names of Joseph Jacksons kids from oldest to youngest?

Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Michael, Randy, Janet and Joh'Vonnie.

Why did Michael Jacksons' father used to treat him bad?

He was after money and if the kids didnt do a good job, they wouldn't get into showbiz, and the daddy got mad. he shouldn't have treated his kids so bad!

Does Michael essien have kids?

yes he has one girl and one boy

How did Michael Jackson's kids handle losing their dad?

im pretty sure that Michael jacksons children had a hard time when they found out that theyre dad was dead it was a tragic event and probably broke their hearts

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