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Has Nick Jonas dated anyone?

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Miley Cyrus. (2005-2007)

Selena Gomez(2008)

Samantha Banks(2010)

And he has been dating (and possibly moved in with) Delta Goodrem (Australian singer)since March 2011.

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Have Nick Jonas and Bridget mendler dated before?

No, Nick Jonas has not dated Bridget.....

Will miley cyrisc ever date Joe Joans?

No she has never dated Joe Jonas. But she has dated Nick Jonas! dated nick jonas

What celebrities has Nick Jonas dated?

Nick JOnas has dated celebrities:Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez!=]

Has demi lovato ever dated nick Jonas?

No, she dated Joe Jonas but never Nick.

Has Nick Jonas preposed to anyone?

Nick Jonas has not proposed to anyone, although Kevin Jonas did. Nick Jonas is to young to get married.

Has Nick Jonas ever dated Miley Cyrus?

The truth is that Miley Cyrus has dated both Nick and Joe Jonas.

Did Miley date Nick Jonas and then date Joe Jonas?

yea she dated nick Jonas but not joe Jonas

Did Selena Gomez dated Nick Jonas?

No way they dated!!!!!!!

Do the Jonas brothers ever dated anyone?

Yes. And their best known dates are: Joe Jonas and A.J. Michalka. Joe Jonas and Mandy. Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus.

Will Nick Jonas like a dated at the park?

yes nick Jonas does like dates at the park

Who dated Susan B. Anthony?

she dated nick Jonas

Who did Selena admire?

She dated nick jonas

Has Nick Jonas ever dated a blond?


Has Nick Jonas dated Tricia Lovato?


Who has Nick Jonas dated?

Nick Jonas has dated a few people. These include Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Nicole Anderson and Courtney Galiano.

Who was one of the Jonas brother who dated Selena Gomez?

Nick jonas

How long did miley date Nick Jonas?

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas dated for two years.

Who is Nick Jonas seeing?

Nick Jonas is currently not seeing anyone

Has Nick Jonas ever dated someone named Chelsea Kronchsnabel?

Yes, Nick Jonas has dated someone named Chelsea not famous. or i tink she's not

Has Miley Cyrus kissed anyone?

Yes some of them Are nick Jonas Liam Hemsworth and Justin a model she dated all of them

Has Nick Jonas ever dated Mandy?

No. But Joseph [Joe] has dated Mandy.

Nick Jonas dated any body?


Who was Miley Cyrus ex?

She dated Nick Jonas.

Has Nick Jonas dated a smoker?

I HIGHLY doubt it.

Who dated one of the clique girlz?

nick Jonas