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Has Ronaldinho ever played for Real Madrid?


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No he hasn't, although he did play for Barcelona.

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no, no American has ever played for real Madrid

No Fernando Torres never played for Real Madrid . He played for Athletico Madrid.

Bayern Munich as played Real Madrid in 15 competitive matches.

John Toshack never played for Real Madrid. He did, though, manage the Real Madrid team from 1989-1990 and in 1999.

Real Madrid won 2 out of 5 matches played between these two clubs.

Well, I'm wondering if any Real Madrid player has ever played in Livepool or Everton. Just this season they hired Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso which played in Liverpool so they'll be facing Atletico Madrid later on......

The great Brazilian Pele never played for Real Madrid. He was considered as a Heritage so not allowed to play for a club outside Brazil. He later played for the Cosmos in the U.S.A.

No as he never played inEngland ever.

No Samuel Etoo played for Real Melrocca , Barcelona and now Inter Milan.

No he played for P.S.G. Barcelona and A.C.Milan.

Yes Barcelona did beat Real Madrid. 5-0

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a good player ever since he played with man u and real Madrid but he wasnt as good as before with the national team so i think messi is a better player but i personally like Ronaldinho and Ronaldo the brazillian legend.

Real Madrid or Barcelona

No. Al-Ahly's Never played Real Madrid in the Club World Cup, but they Played a friendly match in Cairo in 2001 Which Al-Ahly won 1-0.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have never been relegated.

No, Real Madrid have never been relegated from La Liga. In fact Real Madrid C.F. , F.C. Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao are the only teams that have never been relegated.

Yes both Barcelona and Real Madrid were tied at the top once, about two years ago. Then it was decided on who defeated the other. And it was found that Barcelona drew a game, and the other game Real Madrid defeated Barcelona. Then real Madrid were declared winners.

No way! Real Madrid and Barcelona hate each other because Real Madrid is in Spain and also based in Madrid and Barcelona is in Catalonia and also based in Barcelona! Madrid and Barcelona are the two biggest cities in Spain! So there is no way they would ever be friends!

Raul made his debut for the Real Madrid senior side against Real Zaragoza in the 1994 season. He replaced the legendary Butrageno and impressed with an assist to Ivan Zamorano. He was at that time the youngest player ever to have donned the Real Madrid colours in La Liga

Real Madrid is the best team EVER

yes, they had a friendly against Cameroon

Real Madrid and Liverpool Manchester united are the best tho

No, but he did play for Real Madrid at about the same time as David Beckham.

barcelona is the best soccer team in the world then germany then real madrid then

Yes! he even scored a hattrick against Real Madrid once.

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