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Yes San Andreas has had an earthquake in fact it has been a lot of them

San Andreas even has a fault line named after it (The San Andreas fault line is actually a visible crack in the ground) and a lot of earth quakes happen upon a fault line.

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Q: Has San Andreas been hit by an earthquake?
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Why did the earthquake occur in 1906 in San Francisco?

"because of the plates they hit up against each other and made this earthquake. so it is a convergent earthquake " It Was Because Of the San Andreas fault, The pacific plate slid past the north American plate, the grinding caused the the earthquake, It Was a Transform boundary earthquake.

What happened in San Francisco in 1906?

A major earthquake hit San Francisco

Countries never hit by an earthquake?

Malaysia have never been hit by earthquake.

What is the cheat for cars float away when hit in gta san Andreas?


How did San Luis Rey get destroyed?

in 2003 an earthquake hit San Miguel,which damaged the mission badly

Which city is in greater danger of being hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake San Francisco or Seattle?

Seattle is located very close to the Cascadia subduction zone, where earthquakes of magnitude 9.0 have occurred in the past. The San Andreas fault which bypasses San Francisco, is not capable of such an earthquake due to it being a transform fault, where the maximum magnitude would be about 7.8-8.0.

What time did the 1989 San Francisco earthquake hit?

5:04 pm

Which United States city was hit by an earthquake in 1906 and 1989?

San Francisco.

What year did the earthquake in san Luis rey de francia hit?


How do you do a burglary in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

get into a boxville - a van - at night and hit 2

What was mission San Miguel known for?

The December 22, 2003 earthquake that hit-hard

What was San Miguel mission known for?

The December 22, 2003 earthquake that hit-hard

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