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No Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus never dated. Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens are dating now. Miley is only fifteen and Zac is over twenty, I think he would have went to jail if they ever dated.

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Has Nick Jonas ever dated Miley Cyrus?

The truth is that Miley Cyrus has dated both Nick and Joe Jonas.

Has Miley Cyrus ever dated Cole or Dylan Sprouse?

It has not been confirmed if they ever dated.

Did Miley Cyrus ever dated Adam Lambert?


Has Selena Gomez dated?

oooobviously.... she dated nick Jonas for like ever after Miley Cyrus did

Has Miley Cyrus ever dated anybody that isn't rich?

MAYBE ,miley a nice girl

Has joe Jonas and Miley Cyrus ever kissed?

Yeah they also dated!

Has Miley Cyrus ever dated mitchell musso?

NO! They are just REALLY CLOSE friends

Has joe Jonas ever dated Miley Cyrus?

she has dated every one of the Jonas brothers sept Kevin and of course franky

Did Miley Cyrus ever date Zac Efron?

of course not..he recently dated Justin gaston,but the guy quits it off.. No She did not. but she did date Nick Jonas and is rumored to be back with him again... and Zac is dating Vanessa Hudgens

Has Miley Cyrus ever went out with Zac Efron?

No they have been friends for awhile but never have ever thought about going out.Zac Efron has always been intrested in Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale!

Has Zac Efron ever kissed Miley Cyrus?

Yes they have but they don't like each other. I think miley is lieing that she does not like him. But I saw them kiss before.

Did Miley Cyrus ever had twins with Cody linley?

NO are you kidding Miley is only 16 and has a boyfriend and has never had kids and has never dated Cody.

Are Miley Cyrus and joe Jones ever getting married?

They aren't even dating and never have. Miley has only dated Nick Jonas.

Does Miley Cyrus ever get on Miley Cyrus chat?

yes she does

Did Miley Cyrus ever dated Cody linley?

i am sure 'cuz miley likes only hot cute boys agggghhhhh she makes me feel sick

What did Montana ever do to Miley Cyrus?

Montana never did anything to Miley Cyrus.

Who Is Miley Cyrus Broher?

Miley Cyrus half brother is christopher.he has never been apart of Miley Cyrus life ever.

How many times was Miley Cyrus married?

Miley Cyrus has not ever been married.

Have Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth ever dated?

No. Liam Hemsworth was dating Miley Cyrus when they began filming the Hunger Games.

Who Is Miley Cyrus going out with know?

well, Miley Cyrus lied about dating Nick Jonas. She only wished she was. Selena Gomez is Dating him. Miley Cyrus is single and hasn't had a boyfriend ever. --- Miley Cyrus dated nick Jonas up until about October-November 2008, and she is currently dating 20-year-old underwear model, Justin Gaston.

Has Miley Cyrus ever been drunk?

Miley Cyrus has never reportedly been drunk.

Was Miley Cyrus ever pergant?


Did Miley Cyrus ever have a child?


Was Miley Cyrus ever in rehab?


Has Miley Cyrus ever been to jail?

Miley Cyrus has probably not ever been to jail but she, might have cause of her dirty pictures?