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Q: Has Zac Efron ever had a better girlfriend then Vanessa?
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Has Zac Efron ever cheated on vanessa?

yes zac efron is hitting on vanessa to Ashley tisdale i got told that zac dumped vanessa

Did Zac Efron ever hit vanessa hudgens?


Did Zac Efron ever cheated to Vanessa?

No of course not!

Will Zac Efron ever dump Vanessa Hudgens?

probably not. Zac Efron may be cute but he is a doofus for staying with some idiot like vanessa.

Did Zac Efron ever sing with Vanessa Hudgens on her album?


Does Zac Efron ever kiss vanessa hudges?

Yes, their always kissing.

Has Zac Efron ever kissed another girl besides Vanessa Hudgens?


Did zac efron ever get anyone pregnant?

yes vanessa hudgens

Who will zac efron love for ever Vanessa or Ashley?

venessa da they are getting married

WERE Zac Efron and vanessa hudgen ever intimate?

They have been intimate limited times

Has Zac Efron cheated on Vanessa Hudgens?

Although there were many rumors that Zac Efron had cheated on Vanessa Hudgens neither party has ever confirmed or denied the fact. Some have said that the couple broke up because Vanessa wanted to get married and Zac did not.

Has Miley Cyrus ever went out with Zac Efron?

No they have been friends for awhile but never have ever thought about going out.Zac Efron has always been intrested in Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale!

Has any one ever cheated on Ashley Tisdale?

yeh zac efron did with vanessa hudgens

Has Zac Efron ever made out with Vanessa Anne Hudgens?

YES! They totally have, have you seen the pictures in Hawaii?

Has vanessa hudgens ever farted with zac efron?

she gased in front of zac and he farted in front of vannessa

Is zac efron and Hilary Duff still together?

No. (When were they ever together?) He's still with Vanessa Hugens.

Will Zac Efron ever date an Alayna Philips?

No, he is going to always be with Vanessa Hudgens. Marry her, start a family, live happily ever after.

Has Zac Efron ever dated Miley Cyrus?

No Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus never dated. Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens are dating now. Miley is only fifteen and Zac is over twenty, I think he would have went to jail if they ever dated.

Has Vanessa Hudgens ever been engaged?

No But Zac Efron Is Thinking Of Doing It When There Much Older It Said It In A Paper

Who is Zac Efron girlfreind?

Well, who doesnt know that. It's Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Zanessa xoxo. they are the best ever...

Who Zac Efron dating today?

Vanessa Hudgens, ever since High School Musical (part 1) was finished.

Who is zanessa?

Zanessa is Zac plus Vanessa. They are like the cutest couple ever! Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens should really get married! Their children will be just as perfect I'm sure!

Has Zac Efron propose to any girl before?

Hey ladies, no i have not ever proposed to a girl but hopefully if i ever do, it will be to Vanessa H. This was a great Question thanx for being there for me!!!

Has Zac Efron ever covered someone's mouth with his hand if so who?

Most likely Vanessa Anne Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale...

Is Zac Efron ever going to come to Perth?

no because he is to cared away in high school musical and hanging out with Vanessa Huggens