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Has a Scottish soccer team ever won any of the major European trophies?

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Answer - Scottish Clubs in EuropeYes, Celtic were the first 'British' club to win the European Cup in 1967, they were also beaten finalists in 1970, and were beaten finalists in the UEFA Cup Final of 2003. Rangers won the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1972 and were beaten finalists in 1961 and 1967, and also in the 2008 UEFA cup final. Aberdeen won the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1983 then went on to win the European Super Cup. Dundee United were beaten finalists in the UEFA Cup in 1987.
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Who has more trophies Manchester united fc or Chelsea fc?

Manchester United. By a distance.MUFC : 58 Trophies including every major honour and 3 European cups.CFC : 21 Trophies including minor ones and no European cups.

How many trophies has Celtic fc won?

Celtic Fc have won 90 major honors and 60 minor honors, a total of 150 trophies. They have won the Scottish League Championship on 45 occasions.

What major sports event happened in 1998?

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What is the first British football club to win two different major European trophies?

Liverpool F.C won the UEFA Cup in 1973 then the European Cup in 1977

How many major titles has sir alex Ferguson won in his history?

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How many trophies arsenal won?

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How many major trophies does arsenal have?

It is 98.

How many major trophies has arsenal won?


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18 League Titles 5 European Champions Cups 3 Uefa Cups 7 FA Cups 7 League Cups 3 European Super Cups 15 Community Shields

How many trophies has arsene wenger won?

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