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no. but around about 2080 they will be invented

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When was the hover car invented?

The first hover car was reportedly invented in 1956 by Christopher Cockerell. Hover cars are also known as hovercraft and are capable of hovering above the ground up to ten feet.

What happend in the year 1822?

a family in york invented the hover car but then aliens destoryed it and that's why we still havent got hover cars i want a hover car

How many hover cars have been made?

As of 2010, no hover car has ever been made and sold to the general public. There have been hovercrafts built, as well as experimental hover vehicles, but no true hover cars and certainly none for the public at large.

When was Hover Car Racer created?

Hover Car Racer was created in 2004.

What is the list of vehicles that start with hover?

The list of vehicles that start with hover are: Hover ambulance Hover bike Hover bus Hover car Hover delivery truck Hover fire truck Hover garbage truck Hover ice cream van Hover jeep Hover limousine Hover mail truck Hover motorcycle Hover pickup truck Hover police bus Hover police car Hover school bus Hover taxi Hover train Hover truck and countless others

How many pages does Hover Car Racer have?

Hover Car Racer has 438 pages.

How do you make a simple hover car?

There is no way to make a simple hover car. Hover cars are very complex and that is why there are not many of them around today.

When will the hover car come?

then hover car is been made but they are still fixing some bugs if youwatch the discovery channle future cars i seen it on there so hopfully we will be hovering around soon

Has a flying car been invented?

Yes, they have been invented.

What is the ISBN of Hover Car Racer?

The ISBN of Hover Car Racer is 1-4050-3621-4.

Has a hover car been invented yet?

The hovercraft was invented by Christopher Cockerell in 1956. He patented it, no-one paid him to suppress it, and large numbers have been built. It is not the hovercar of SF and never will be; it is a "ground-effect" vehicle and can't hover more than about 10 feet above the ground. Or above the sea ! Many have been used as car ferries, and the Marines love them as assault craft. A vehicle that travels across the water at 100mph and goes right up onto the beach without slackening speed has some advantages.

Where is the hover car on simpsons hit and run?

The hover car is on apu's level talk to professor frink and blow up the hover car and you will get the hover car here's a cheat code to help you square,square,triangle,triangle :) don't worry it works I use all the time

How many car crashes have there been since cars have been invented?

There have been over millions of car crashes since they were invented

What would happen to a car if there was no gravity or air?

If no gravity or air existed the car would never have been invented. It will not work in the absence of either.

How do you make a car hover?

You don't

What invention hasn't been invented yet?

What hasn't been invented is a flying car!

How do the hover car on GTA IV?

you can't.

How long has the car been around for?

the car has been around since 1885, it was invented in 1885.

What is faster in Simpsons hit and run hover car or open wheel race car?

If you go into a telephone booth and scroll until you get the hover car then look right and see the stars for speed, toughness, handeling, and something else comepair the the 2 speeds for race car and hover car and then pick the one with more stars for speed. :)

What is the car hover cheat in gta vice city?

Cars can't hover over land but for water it is seaways.

What keeps a hover car up?

Forced air.

Is there a hover car in Grand Theft Auto IV?


Will there ever be a hover car?

No because we will need anit-gravity technology and at the pace we are going and with this economy I highly doubt there will be a hover car until later in the U.S timeline.

Has a water powered flying car been invented?


Would car engines have been invented if gunpowder was not invented?

ask anthony brennan