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Yes. Its been done 7 times, all in the National League (most recently 5/5/99 Rockies vs Cubs). The American League record is eight straight innings.


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Only a handful of times (I think onlty 3 or 4) has a player scored at least one run in all 9 innings, and in none of them did they score exactly one run in each inning. So, no.

There are nine innings in a major league baseball game. If the score is tied after nine innings, the game goes into extra innings and continues until one team or the other is ahead after a complete inning. Games can be called anytime on account of rain, darkness, earthquakes, etc. and can be considered complete or continued at a later date depending on the number of innings completed. A complete game requires at least five innings of play so that the losing team has five at-bats.

In MLB, the team that is behind must have at least five full at bats for a baseball game to be considered complete. If the home team is ahead, the game must go 4 1/2 innings. If the home team is behind, the game must go 5 innings.

If he has pitched at least 5 innings, he can qualify for the win.

There are at least 5 occasions that 200+ was scored in a single test innings on debut, as listed on the related link.

The San Francisco 49ers scored a league low 219 points in 2007.

None, each inning has a total of 6 outs so we would need at least 6 pitches, one per batter.

When at least 4.5 innings have been played. Depending on who's winning at that time.

Except in rare occasions when a time limit is agreed to, baseball is not determined by a time clock like basketball, football, soccer, etc., but on number of "innings", generally nine innings, but an official game must be at least seven innings (or 61/2 innings if the home team is ahead).

7 (Although it will be at least 9 if spurs get champions league lol)

ERA stands for Earned Run Average. The number of innings per game determines how ERA is calcuated. In Major League Baseball they play 9 innings so ERA is calculated with this equation, Earned Runs divided by 9. High School baseball (at least where I am located) plays 7 innings as a regulation length game. In this case a pitcher's ERA is Earned Runs divided by 7. In Little League the a regulation game is 6 innings, so ERA would be determined by Earned Runs divided by 6. If you are playing a game and it goes in to extra innings then a pitcher's ERA is not affected by the extra innings. If a regulation game is 6 innings, and the game goes into the seventh inning, then a pitcher's ERA is still determined by # of earned runs divided by 6. In summary ERA is ALWAYS determined by the amount of Earned Runs allowed divided by the number of innings played (not including extra innings).

For a Major League Baseball regular season game to be declared a complete game as a result of it being called due to a rained out or snowed out the game needs to have played at least five innings or in the event of the home team leading when the game is called then the home team needs to be winning after 4 and a half innings at which point it will be declared an official game as well.

There are at least 3 Major League Baseball players who have came from Guatemala.

Senior league baseball bats are big barrel bats. There Barrels are at least an inch larger than a regular little league baseball bat and are recommended for travel baseball.

It will be held by Drogba of Chelsea, he has scored at least 25 goals each year., since he joined Chelsea in 2004.

In NCAA and NAIA college baseball, the game will end if a team is ahead by at least 10 runs after seven innings in a scheduled 9-inning game

You need to have at least one more point, or run, at the end of nine innings to be able to win automatically.

No, perfect games must be (at least) 9 innings. Shortened "perfect" games have occurred four times: Rube Vickers and Ed Karger in 1907, Dean Chance in 1967, and David Palmer in 1984. Karger's was 7 innings, the other three were 5.

With nine active players per team, it only makes sense to have nine innings. Since there are three outs per team per inning, this would give each position at least three chances to bat in the game.

10.19 (a) Credit the starting pitcher with a game won only if he has pitched at least five complete innings and his team not only is in the lead when he is replaced but remains in the lead the remainder of the game.

At least nine. Not necessarily. A game is official after 5 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead, or six innings if the visiting team is leading. Should rain or other unforseen occurance happens that would force the game to be stopped, the game would be over at that time and be counted as an official game.

John Van Benschoten of the Pittsburgh Pirates has the highest career ERA in major league history of any pitcher with at least 75 innings pitched. His whopping 9.20 ERA is unparalleled, earning him MLB glory which will certainly earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

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