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Has an NFL head coach ever been fired during a season?


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2011-02-25 22:11:09
2011-02-25 22:11:09

While it does not happen very often, it has happened before, the most recent coach is Dick Jauron who was fired after starting 3-9 this season.

Mike Nolan was fired when he was half way through the season at 2-5

actually the most recent is Brad Childress the Vikings head coach

Mike Singletary of the 49ers was the most recent, and it kind of does happen regularly.


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good question and yes, in 1944 Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Rozbick was fired after heading into halftime down 45-3.

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Rick Venturi was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts during the 1991 season. He took over as the New Orleans Saints' interim coach during the 1996 season.

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The 2010 season was his 45th as a head coach. All have been with Penn State ... his first season as head coach of Penn State was 1966.

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Coaches with winning records have been fired. One example would be in 2006 head Coach Marty Schottenheimer lead the Chargers to a 14-2 record, before losing in the playoffs to the Patriots. With ownership questioning his ability to win in the playoffs, he was let go after the 2006 Super Bowl.

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Billy Martin who was fired multiple times by the New York Yankees

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