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We are not too pleased with Dover Pools. We purchased an above ground pool (15 x 24) from them last summer and had a variety of problems with installation, parts, etc. A few weeks ago, we needed a part for our filter and it had to be ordered from the company. After waiting 10 days, we were told it could take months to come in. I ordered the part from another pool store's web site and had the part delivered via UPS in one week.

Had an aweful experience with Dover Pools - would NOT recommend them to anyone! They are certainly not the company to hire! Wish I had done my homework before attempting to do business with this organization!

My experience with Dover Pools in Lakewood has been a nightmare and I would not recommend them to anyone. I bought a hot tub from them that started leaking after 5 weeks, you can not get anyone live in the service department, and then they set up service appointments and don't show up. There is no service after the sale with them. I would stay far away.

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Q: Has anybody had any good or bad experiences with Dover Pools in Central NJ?
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