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Has anyone caught all 386 Pokemon?

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First of all, there are actually 493 Pokemon now, but it is extremely difficult to get all of them. I know a lot of people who have done this, but that was because they cheated.

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Did anyone catch all the Pokemon?

i caught all of them! I did it without trading to

How do you get all 5 stars in pokemon leafgreen?

Defeat the elite four, Get all 386 pokemon.

What is in the national pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

All 386 pokemon from Bulbasaur to Deoxys

Is buying a Pokemon game loaded with 386 Pokemon on it cheating?

It is only cheating if the 386 Pokemon were acquired by a hacking device such as action replay/game shark , but it does sound rather suspicious because its very , very hard to get all 386 Pokemon without cheating.

Why can't you get all 386 Pokemon?

Just because you can't.

Is there an easier way to get all 386 Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is only 386 Pokemon. Counting event Pokemon and the Sinnoh Pokedex, there are 493 Pokemon in current existance. However, ther are still many on the way. 107 of these Pokemon cannot be caught or traded to LeafGreen. Not really. There is no easy way to do anything in the Pokemon games. After all, if everything was easy, there would be no challenge and Pokemon wouldn't be as fun. If you are desperate, however, consider using a cheat device such as a Gameshark or Action Replay.

How do you get all 386 Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

You need to catch every Pokemon you see. And trade to and from other versions.

Is larvatar on LeafGreen?

yes, all Pokemon up to deoxys(#386) are in that.

What are all the Pokemon in the sinno region?

well, there's 386 pokemon, so I can't name them all. Sorry dude!

How do you get every single pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

You cant legitimately get all 386 pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. You must trade from other versions or use a gameshark to cheat and get all pokemon.

Has anyone captured all 150 Pokemon in Leaf Green or FireRed?

Capturing All PokemonYeah it took me 241 hours to do it on my leafgreen AnswerIt took Me 123 to get 343 Pokemon with my friend who has Fire Red AnswerIt took me 103 hours to do it I've also caught all 200 in Emerald AnswerI used Pokemon emerald and got about 300 Pokemon i caught all Pokemon in leafgreen. it was hard but i did it .i went to all events too.

List of all 386 Pokemon in fire red?

All I know is that there are 150 Pokemon at first and then you get the national pokedex and there are now 350 Pokemon. Hope this helped!

Can you get all 386 Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire?

yeah you just need a game shark there at game stop for $13.00

Has anyone ever caught em all Pokemon?

Yes, there are players of Pokémon games that have been able to catch all Pokémon that were available to the games.

How many people have all 300 Pokemon?

There are 386 Pokemon (387 if you count missingo) and I dout anyone has them without cheating. With cheating I couldn't say for sure but mabye around 1,000 (all you get is a stupid diploma that you need to buy some attachment to print out)

Can you catch all 386 Pokemon in green leaf and fire red or do you have to trade with ruby and sapphire?

If you want to get all 386 Pokemon, you are going to have to trade with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and maybe even Colusseum or XD. For all of that info, i suggest you go to

What happens when you catch all 386 Pokemon in fire red?

you have beaten the game and that's it.

How many Pokemon are there in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After the receiving the national dex there is 386 Pokémon. However, there is much less than this available to own in leafgreen. You'll need FireRed, Ruby and Sapphire versions to get all 386.

What Pokemon are available in Pokemon leafgreen?

The first 386 or basically all Pokemon from emerald and before, you can't get any of the new Pokemon added in diamond/pearl/platinum

What happens after you get all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

nothing............. you just caught all the Pokemon congratulations

What Pokemon are in Pokemon FireRed omega?

All 386, but in the earlier versions, Vlobeat/Illumise, the other starters and the Whismur family are missing.

How many Pokemon are in the national pokedex on Pokemon platinum?

Inluding the diamond, pearl and platinum Pokemon and all other games there is a grand total of 493 Pokemon in all. 386 are from kanto, johto, hoenn.

Can you get all 386 Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

yes but you need to migrate as well as talk to dawns little sister every day so you probably need all the Pokemon versions

If you have the national dex but you cant see all 396 Pokémon in LeafGreen?

First of all there is 386 Pokemon second of all of course you can't see all 386 Pokemon because most of them are in the hoenn region and johto region you need to do a lot of trading between firered, ruby, sapphire, emerald and Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness if you want at least 382 Pokemon the other four are event only Pokemon.

Are all of Grunts' Pokemon stolen in Pokemon?

no they MIGHT had caught it.

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