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YesAccording to The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury, 325 men and boys have died either directly or indirectly from playing football at the high school and college level between 1982-2008 (26 years). Direct injuries are defined as those fatalities which resulted directly from participation in the fundamental skills of football (such as tackling and blocking). Indirect injuries are those injuries that are caused by systemic failure as a result of exertion while participating in football activity or by a complication which was secondary to a nonfatal injury (such as heart failure and heat stroke). Professional Football24 Oct 1971: Churck Hugues, wide receiver with the Detroit Lions, died of a heart attack during a game with the Chicago Bears in Tiger Stadium. His teammates were informed of his death before leaving the stadium.22 Jul 1979: James Victor Cain, tight end with the St. Louis Cardinals, died of congenital heart failure during training camp.01 Aug 2001: Korey Stringer, offensive lineman with the Minnesota Vikings, died of heatstroke during the second day of practice with full pads. His core temperature reached 108 degrees. He died within 24 hours of being removed from the field.

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Q: Has anyone ever been killed playing football?
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