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If your tubes were burned or cauterized instead of being tied or clamped, then there is a chance that they healed open and the surgery was not effective.

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What age can baby hamsters become pregnant?

Hamsters can become pregnant from one month to three months of age.

How old does a rabbit need to be before she can get pregnant?

she can become pregnant at five months i think.

Can a 3 month old bunny become pregnant?

No. A rabbit has to be at least 1 year old to become pregnant. This is incorrect. They can be breed or become pregnant for 5-6 months on.

Can a rabbit become pregnant at three months?

no. they aren't mature until 6 months.

How old does a chinchilla have to be to become pregnant?

About 2 months old

Your cat is 18 months old can she be pregnant?

If she is not spayed and aloud to roam free then yes!,a cat can become pregnant from the age of 6 months.

How soon can a rabbit become pregnant?

A female rabbit (doe) can become pregnant as early as 5 months with smaller breeds but it is best to wait till 8-9 months with bigger breeds.

How old does a girl guinea pig have to be to get pregnant?

The female guinea pig can become pregnant at 2 months.

Can one fall pregnant 4 days after her periods?

Yes. You can become pregnant at any day of the months.

What age can a hamster become pregnant?

Over 12 months I think

How old do rabbits have to be to conceive?

They can become pregnant at 4 months old.

When does a goat give birth?

They are pregnant for about 150 days (6 months), they can become pregnant when they are 6-10 months so that she can deliver when she is one year old.

Does bonnie Tyler have children?

No, she does not. She got pregnant at 39 but miscarried after two and a half months and was unable to become pregnant after that.

Can you become pregnant if you have unprotected sex every night in a months time?


Can you become pregnant a week after a miscarriage even if you are 5 months pregnant?

I'm guessing you mean you were 5 months pregnant and yes you can. You are highly fertile after for awhile due to hormones and need to protect yourself.

How old are rabbits when the can become pregnant?

It depends on the size of the rabbit, some are 4 months, some 6 months, some 8 months.

Can a Persian cat get pregnant at 6 month old?

yes a cat over about 4 months can potentially become pregnant

When is a fetus ready to be born?

9 months after you become pregnant sometimes more sometimes less but the average 9 months

When is a baby ready to be born?

9 months after you become pregnant. sometimes more, sometimes less, but the average is 9 months

How old are rabbits when they can become pregnant?

small rabbits 3-6 months large rabbit 6-12 months...

On average how long does it take to conceive?

· Just 25% of couples actively trying to conceive become pregnant the first cycle. · 60% become pregnant in the first six months of trying to conceive. · 75% of couples become pregnant within nine months. · 90% of couples experience pregnancy within 18 months. If you are worried they recommend you visit a doctor if you are over 40 and haven't been able to conceive within 6 months or under 30 and haven't been able to conceive in 6 months.

Can a 5 month old mother be pregnant?

It depends what animal it is. Some small mammals can be mothers as young as five months, give birth and immediately become pregnant again

What age can a female dog become pregnant?

Females can only get pregnant during heat. They can have their first season as early as 6 months old. If they are not in heat and are mated, they can not get pregnant.

Your cat is 5 months and shes pregnant will she die when she gives birth?

Not likely, it is normal for cats to get pregnant around that age, they become sexually mature at around 5 or 6 months old.

How old does a female dog has to be to get pregnant?

A female dog can become pregnant as soon as they come into heat the first time. This varies from 6 months in some dogs up to 18 months in others.

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