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A few have served in both Army and Navy just to see what it was like

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Q: Has anyone ever joined every branch of the US military?
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What is the history of the military ball?

Every year, each branch of the military hosts a military ball. The military ball is for all members of the branch of service and their spouses or date.

Does the government list everyone that serves in the marines or military?

The US Marines are a military branch of service. There is a RECORD of every person serving in the US military.

Do i have to cut my hair in the National Guard?

Every military branch has hair length standards.

How do th army help us?

by fighting for our country. just like every other branch of military.

What branch of military fights on the ground?

Marines will fight anywhere in the world, every longitude every latitude. The army sustain ground combat.

What did the GI bill guarantee?

it is no matter what type of military branch you get paid ever 1st and 15th of every month.

What is the basis for Marines being different?

Basic Standards that exceed every other u.s military branch of service.

Are there more women or men in the air force?

There are more men in both the air force, and every branch of the United States Military.

Which military branch has the best benefits for someone who wants to be a Military Police right out of high school?

I've been in the Army for over 11 years. Military benefits are the same no matter which branch you join. To become an MP (Military Police), make sure MEPS offers you that job and it is listed in your contract. Every branch has MP's. Your mission is to find the branch you want to be a part of. Army & Marines are more physical than Air Force and Navy, take into account potential duty stations, promotion abilities, etc.. My decision was made based on wanting to do more of what the military is known for and I wanted a more physical branch

Does Executive order 12196 applies to all agencies of the executive branch exept unique military equipment and systems?

No1-101. This order applies to all agencies of the ExecutiveBranch except militarypersonnel and uniquely militaryequipment, systems, and operations. I don't care

What branch of science did Aristotle study?

Every branch!

Who all can you put on your military insurance?

Your spouse and children under 21 years of age (at least for the National Guard, and I believe for every branch, but I'm not certain).

What branch of military is the paratrooper?

Traditionally, Army, although every branch (except for the Coast Guard) will have parachute qualified personnel - Navy SEALS and EOD, Air Force Tacp and Pararescue, Marine Corps Force Recon, etc.

How many US Marines died in Vietnam?

Nearly 15,000 US Marines died in Vietnam. Here is a link to the American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics You can find statistics for every war, and every branch of the military. It shows that 14,844 Marines were killed in the Vietnam Conflict.

What branches of the military use robotics technology?

every branch uses robotics. EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) uses RC cars rigged with cameras and tools.

How can the judicial branch check a presidential veto?

They can't. "Checks and Balances" doesn't mean that every branch can undo every single thing any other branch can do.

What do I need to get a divorce if I am a US military member and I got married in England?

Go to base Legal and ASK. They will help you. I'm not sure every branch of the services has the same protocol.

What do you need for a high rank in the military?

There are many factors that go into promotion in the military. The biggest being time in the service. After that it's based on things such as physical and academic testing. Every branch of the American armed forces handle promotion a little differently.

Why is the air force gay?

Every branch of the military has their own thoughts on the other branches, this is simply "sibling rivalry" between military branches, meaning members of different military branches commonly demean each other. The Air Force really isn't gay, but likely someone has that opinion about them and let you know what they thought. In reality every branch of the military is important as they all have their own missions. Examples of commonly used stereotypes: Army - low intellectual level Marines - stubborn, hardheads Navy - drunks / lazy Air Force - lazy Coast Guard - lazy

Do the executive branch have checks over the judicial branch?

Yes, every branch has checks over each other.

Is there a legilative branch for every state?

Yes! There is a Legislation in every State

Should you join the navy or army?

The Navy and Army have different aspects, appealing to different people. The job you desire should serve as a major deciding factor in how the U.S Military Service will utilize you. If you join any branch of the military as an MA, you are likely to see plenty of combat, where as if you join HM, (Army), you could very well be located at a hospital in Felujia. Where as in the Navy, you have a dream sheet of where you can potentially choose to be stationed. Nothing is guaranteed, but the Navy offers more choice than any other branch, and they are the only branch in the military to show you your contract before you are sworn in. But all branches show you your contract before you commit to Military Service or sign any service committing forms. You should look at educational benefits as well. Look at which branch is connected with which schools, and offers what programs and scholarships. Every decision you make alters the overall picture of which branch of military fits best with you. Study up. Talk to your recruiters and let them know you're talking to them about their branch. All branches are extremely competitive with each other. The Army, due to it's large size requires a lower ASFAB score than any other branch. This is only to make sure anyone regardless of education can serve their country. While the Navy is much more selective because of their small size, they require an ASFAB of 50. The Army tends to have more benefits for their troops and veterans than any other branch and give you a large range of Job criteria you can choose from. The Navy does not let you choose some of the jobs and assigns them accordingly. The best thing you can do is talk to both a Navy and Army Recruiter and to people who have joined the Army or the Navy and look into their experiences and what you are looking for.

Does Obama outrank a commander?

Obama's title, as President, is "Commander-in-Chief." He has authority over every branch, area, and rank of the military. So yes, he is, in other words, the ultimate commander for the US. Obviously, he gives a lot of authority to Defense Secretary Gates and his many military commanders within the different branches, but, technically, he is ultimately responsible for every single command given to the United States military.

What is the military branch that conducts naval operations?

Almost every branch of the military conducts naval operations. The Air Force regularly patrol the coast, same with the Coast Guard. The Navy are in the waters daily patrolling waters of around the globe. The Marine Corps perform naval operations such as Omaha Beach. The Army however, you don't necessarily see them near the ocean, but they do.

Is the US Navy safer than other branches of the military?

Hi there, Every branch in the army are dangerous, however the Navy does appear to have less deaths in wars compared to Marines. Hope this helped!