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i have and dr. said it was a sign of bipolar. wellbutrin is, indeed, sometimes used to treat bipolar...but the immediate release and the SR version are not used as often, now that the XL (once a day) version is out. He switched me to the XL version and the problem went away. P.S. wellbutrin works on dopamine and norepinephrine. dopamine, he thought, was the problem. another answer: It seems to be a major problem in a small percentage of people who are taking Wellbutrin. Researching on the web, I have come across quite a few comments on this subject and most of the people experiencing this seem to experience actual rage as opposed to minor irritability. I had problems with this myself a couple of years ago. I have been told on many occasions that I am an extremely laid-back individual, but after I started taking wellbutrin I noticed that even small things started to cause me to experience almost uncontrollable anger. I lost a great deal of tact in dealing with other people and I had this constant nagging feeling that I had to leap into a conversation whether or not I had anything useful to add or was even welcome. It caused me a huge amount of stress knowing that I was acting extremely out of character and seemed unable to do anything about it. I was almost hospitalized as it continued to worsen, had to leave work, and spent a great deal of time afterwords fearing that I had forgotten how to be myself around others. I was fine after I stopped taking it, but recently my doctor had me start a low dosage to see if it would help my energy level which was lagging thanks to cymbalta. I have noticed in just a week, on the lowest dosage he could get me, that I have already started bulling my way into conversations (I am a very soft-spoken, polite person), speaking up and feeling very surprised about it as I had not intended to, experienced an increase in tics and intrusive thoughts (from my OCD), and have started to have a scarily familiar feeling in my general manner that basically is like a dangerous bully living in my head and just waiting to surface. This proves to me that the past episode was not in fact due to health problems I was exeriencing at the time, but was, in fact, the wellbutrin.

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Q: Has anyone experienced unusual anger or rage shortly after starting Wellbutrin?
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