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i have that problem! i have not figured out what it is but im thinking it is my air temperature sensor i have a 2002 protege lx it has a aftermarket muffler and a cold air intake i have replaced the spark plugs, wires changed all the fluids had it tested and have had no luck if i do i will post the answer but if you find a answer can u maybe email me the answer? my email is

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as far as i know, almost every car isMazda Protege Ball JointsI finally found the answer to my own question so if anyone else needs to know, for this specific year of the Mazda protege, ball joints ARE interchangeable.

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I have a 1998 Mazda Protege that shudders when you stop the car. It only happens once the car has stopped moving after I have driven it for a little while. Does anyone know what could cause this?

have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount

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Additionally, it should be noted that the high beams still work and the low beams do not. Also, when the headlights are turned on, the blue high beam light remains on whether it is flipped over to high beams or in the regular position. My dad fears that it may be the control arm. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance! Unfortunately, your dad is probably right. We had the exact same symptoms with our 1999 Protege, and after taking the same steps you mention, we took it to the shop, and they replaced the control arm. That fixed the problem.

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