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I have tried Ptosotab and found it does not work, infact I have found it is a fraud.

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Has anyone has success with inositol for OCD?


Can nurse force patient to take medication?

Pt rights state that anyone has the right to refuse medication/treatments.

Can a doctor legally refuse treatment of a self pay patient?

A doctor does have the right to refuse treatment to almost anyone, for almost any reason. Just as a patient has the right to refuse treatment from anyone.

Can the medication sporonox cause hair loss?

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Did gabriel byrne even kissed anyone in in treatment?


How do you find a dr to give adhd medication quickly?

You either need to find a Family Doctor who is experienced and comfortable diagnosing and treating mental illness, or you can see a Psychiatrist. After discussing your symptoms, most providers who feel you have ADHD or ADD will start a treatment plan. Do not expect to get an Rx for medication from anyone if you don't meet the criteria for a diagnosis!

Has anyone taken a medication called Dificid for a C diff infection Did it cure you?

Yes, the Dificid medication is one of the cure for the C diff infection.

Is the media treatment of AFL players too severe?

Media treatment of anyone is not meant to be fair. Media treatment of anything or anyone is intended to encourage you to buy the media so that money goes from you to the media owners. From their point of view controversy is good.

Is syndol medication coming back?

could anyone please tell me if syndol in coming back in our chemist, have just found a medication that relieves my migrain then its taken of the market

Has anyone survived septicaemic plague?

It is 100% fatal without treatment.

What are you future career goals?

Every individual purpose is to get fame, success and glory. The elements of success, fame and glory should be fair and should not harm anyone.

How are pregnant woman treated when they have HPV?

There is no "treatment for HPV." A patient with genital warts may seek treatment. A patient with cancer related to HPV will need treatment. The presence of HPV alone does not require treatment in anyone, whether or not she is pregnant.

What is called success?

The meaning of success is subjective: One thing is for sure, it refers to being an accomplished individual in an area of life. Anyone can be successful, all that is required is focus.

Can anyone give you a free copy of freedom at midnight?

I cant find it anywhere...looking but no success

Has anyone had any success getting a Lebron James autograph waiting outside of a hotel or arena?


Which of these is the idea that anyone can enjoy financial success in the united states?

The American Dream

Has anyone ever survived rabies without treatment?

Nobody has survived rabies without treatment. When some body survive like that, you can say that he had no rabies.

Does anyone needs Pain medication weight loss Steroids Cannabis Oil and cough syrup?

No. I do need any Pain medication weight loss Steroids Cannabis Oil and cough syrup.

Does anyone have any ideas how to cope with ocd in children without medication?

Most children with OCD need their medication or counseling to cope with the symptoms. A psychiatrist can reccomend some other strategies to you as well.

Are you safe to raise your child if you're bipolar?

If she is undergoing proper treatment for the severity of her bipolar disorder, whether that is therapy, medication, or some alternate, approved treatment, then yes. Anyone with a severe mental disorder can be a threat if untreated, though bipolar disorder is most often milder than other disorders, such as schizophrenia. Ultimately, it will be the decision of the mother, hopefully with the input of her doctor, family, and friends.

Will it hurt to get an abscess treated?

In modern medicine there is no need for anyone to be in pain during treatment.

Your doctor prescribed a medication if you drink while taking it you will throw up does anyone know what it is called?

Syrup of Ipecac

What is the life expectancy of a person diagnosed with Hypothyroidism?

If treated with thyroid hormone medication, probably as good as anyone else.

Can you develop and allergic reaction to birth control pills?

I suspect that anyone can develop a allergic reaction to any medication depending upon what the medication contains and what they are allergic to. If you suspect you have had a allergic reaction, see your Doctor.

Can anyone say the best shoulder pain treatment centre in chennai?

Yes, i would like to suggest andshare my experience from Dr.sivaraman shoulder and elbow care centre.