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How many movies did John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara do together?

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara made five movies together... The Quiet Man, Rio Grande, McLintock, Big Jake, and The Wings of Eagles. she and john Wayne made Five movies together

How many movies did John Wayne make?

According to IMDb, John Wayne appeared in nearly 250 movies.

Names of John Wayne movies?

John Wayne had a career that spanned over a half a century and made over 170 movies. It would be impossible to list them all here. Google his name and you should be able to find a filmography.

How many John Wayne movies are currently available in DVD format?

There are over 150 John Wayne movies that were made into DVD format. Many are available for free download. Some of them were even recently converted into blu-ray.

Movies starring john Wayne and Liz Taylor?

I don't think they ever made a movie together.

How movies did John Wayne make?

It has been estimated that Wayne made 175 to 200 films in his long career. IMDb list 180 films.

How movies did John Wayne made?

John Wayne was born in 1907 and died in 1979. He made many movies during that time and even appeared in some television shows. He was involved in approximately 170 productions. A full list can be viewed here:

What John Wayne movie did they sing the thing in a bar?

Wayne made many movies where the characters sang in a bar. One of the more memorable ones was in the film The Quiet Man.

What is the movie that was made in Northern Arizona on the Navajo reservation by John Wayne?

Several John Wayne movies were filmed in Monument Valley, Arizona (located on the Navajo reservation) including "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", "Stagecoach", and "the Searchers".

How many movies has Bruce Wayne the actor made?


What male actor made most movies?

Christopher lee Christopher lee with 172 I just confirmed that the Correct Answer is JOHN WAYNE (with 250 films)

How many movies has John Cena made?

He has only made 2 movies!

When was the John Wayne Movie McQ Made?


Have john Wayne and Charles bronson ever made a movie together?

No, but Charles Bronson did film two movies with Vincent Price, HOUSE OF WAX and MASTER OF THE WORLD.

What age did John Wayne die?

John Wayne was born in 1907 and died in 1994 so that would have made him 72 when he died.

Who made more movie Gene Autry or John Wayne?

John Wayne made approximately 200 films in his career. No other actor can even come close to that total.

What year was The Duke with John Wayne made?

Wayne never made a film titled The Duke. Duke was Wayne's nickname from his childhood.

What is the name of 1940 john Wayne movie drama?

He made four movies in 1940: Dark Command, Three Faces West, The Long Voyage Home and Seven Sinners.

What were the accomplishments of John Wayne?

he made over 125 films

What john Wayne movie was made in louisiana?

The Horse Soldiers.

Who is the person who played in the most movies?

John Carradine was in over 500 moviesmel blanc(876)Here are a few:Christopher Lee did 257 movies. He's an old timer known for his horror filmsCharles Lane made 338 moviesI know John Wayne has done over 180 movies.I bet Kevin Bacon did like 63 so far, that's a lotTom London with 616 moviesWard Bond with 212 moviesMel Blanc has 1024 acting credits from 1937 through 1990. Most were as a voice actor. (some are television roles).IMDB lists John Wayne in the area of 145 movies. It seems he holds the World Record.

How many fims did john Wayne make?

He made 188 films.

What year was Stagecoach made?

If you mean the John Wayne movie then 1939

What was the John Wayne movie that Dean Martin was shot in butt with an arrow?

Martin and Wayne made two movies together. Rio Lobo (1959) and Sons of Katie Elder (1965). I can't remember Martin being shot with an arrow in either one of these films.

What are the release dates for John Wayne Made Me Cry Our Western heroes - 2002 TV?

John Wayne Made Me Cry Our Western Heros - 2002 TV was released on: USA: 1 November 2002