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this happen to me twice--the doctor couldn't find why I'm bleeding from--i bled for two weeks straight with two different pregnancy--thanks god i had my two daughters and i have a regular birth to them too--as long you still hear a heart beat --you will be ok and i was 8 weeks with both--to be honest i was scared i thought i will had a miscarriage but i didn't--they took blood from my arms and hand to see --they can't find the reason all he can tell me is the heart beat is strong-- i hope this help and i wish everythings comes out good for you

2011-09-13 03:31:50
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Q: Has anyone on here or does anyone know someone else who has experianced bleeding and slight clotting during first trimester pergnancy What was the outcome?
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What does spotting mean in the third trimester?

Bleeding in the third trimester should not be happening at all, it could be a sign of miscarriage or a blood clotting or just hormone problems that need to be attended to by your OB-GYN immediately.

Can you have clots when having implantation bleeding?

Anytime you have bleeding there's a potential for clotting.

What is blood clotting?

Blood clotting is what the platelets in your body do to prevent you from bleeding out. They are what forms scabs when you get cut.

What is the effect of aspirin on the bleeding time?

reduces clotting so bleeding time increases

Does aspirin affect bleeding time or clotting time?


What organ synthesizes clotting factors?

The liver. This is why liver failure simultaneously leads to bleeding and clotting disorders.

What helps the body control bleeding?

The clotting of blood helps the body stop from bleeding profusely.

What do the platelets help blood to do when you have a cut?

Clotting. It stops the bleeding.

What is the purpose of clotting?

To keep you from bleeding to death from a minor cut.

Why is bleeding time shorter than clotting time?

Hemostasis occurs in a sequence: 1. Vasoconstriction 2. Formation of platelet plug 3. Formaion of clot Bleeding time is the time from the onset of bleeding till the stoppage of bleeding i.e. temporary hemoststic plug formation (platelet plug). Clotting time is the time from the onset of bleeding till the clot formation (i.e. definitive hemostatic plug). Hence, clotting time is longer then bleeding time.

In withdrawal bleeding is clotting common?

No. Withdrawal is NOT a safe method of birth control, and the bleeding needs to be checked out by your doctor.

Why can not apply methol to a bleeding wound?

It is a blood thinner and would prevent the blood from clotting, which would increase the bleeding.

Why are platelets so important?

they keep you from bleeding to death by clotting when you have and injury

Is it normal to have bleeding and clotting when 4 weeks pregnant?

Some bleeding is normal, but if its heavy bleeding then probably not normal but you should see a doctor either way.

Is red clotting will occur during implantation bleeding?

Yes it will because it is bad

Is a group of hereditary bleeding disorders in which a blood clotting factor is missing?


What is clumped at the site of injury?

Platelets form to stop the bleeding by clotting the blood.

What is necessary to occur to prevent hemorrhage?

It is necessary to have normal clotting factors (check bleeding time, clotting time, prothrombin time). It is necessary to detect internal bleeding. To prevent Gastrointestinal bleeding measures like deworming or other appropriate measures to prevent chronic or acute blood loss are to be taken. This is done surgically or by promoting clotting or preventing the cause of hemorrhage.

Where do you find information about the causes of bleeding diathesis?

Information about Bleeding Diathesis can be found on the wikipedia article which has reliable information and the causes. Some of the causes for bleeding diathesis are excessive bleeding and a lack of clotting.

What are blood clotting factors in a partial thromboplastin time test?

Clotting factors are substances in the blood that act in sequence to stop bleeding by forming a clot.

When a leech attaches to you what keeps the wound bleeding?

They secrete an anti-clotting enzyme into your bloodstream.

Bleeding and clotting while 2 weeks pregnant?

Tell the doctor straight away

You were 4 days late and know your bleeding is heavy and you are blood clotting a lot?


Why does salt water stop bleeding?

because it has sodium chloride which assists in blood clotting ..

A hereditary bleeding disorder that results from lack of clotting factors?

hemophilia, i believe -Akilae