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Since i had my last child and had the tubal i have had some major weight problems. I am having a lot of trouble losing the pregnancy weight and when i do the proper diet and exercise i still gain weight at times

I had my tubes tied in November of 2004. After my first child I lost all my weight and then some, my second child I lost 95% of my weight but actually gained weight after my 3rd which is also when my tubal was done. I completely regret my decision and hate the side effects. I would love to get it reversed since I'm easily 60 lbs heavier than I was before but it is so expensive... :(

Yes ,I too have had the same problem can't lose weight and I have used a personal trainer ,and ate a low calorie ,and low carb diet and can't lose weight either.My trainer is shocked ,and can't believe after all the hard work that I still can't lose weight. I had my tubal ligation ,and as soon as I had it done i gained weight the day after my last child was born. Was actually fatter after he was born ,and after I had tubal ligation done.Something is totally wrong cause I can't lose any weight no matter how much I exercise or diet.Sorry u r having the same problem as me and many other women .

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Q: Has anyone suffered tremendous weight gain after a tubal ligation?
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