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I was an ADHD child mom tried everything to calm me down the worse it got the more depressed I got. one day I guess it was a cry for help or i am lucky that i didn't know what I was doing i tried to slice my wrist. that got me put in the hospital. after weeks of evaluations they put me on welbutrin and it helped i went from cs and d's to a's and b's. I did get off of it till just recently i experienced some mood swings and such. I was also a single mom for 3 years and divorced and when I met my current husband my brain tried to push him away thus the moods and such the welbutrin came to my rescue again. It has truly been a blessing in my life I dont know where I would be with out it

My daughter has been on everything imaginable, she did however take Strattera for a short time. She is 13 years old and currently on depekote. They can't make up their minds what to diagnosis her as, but when she was on the strattera she did lose a lot of weight, but she vomited everyday. She didn't have an appetite and she was alot more hyper. So we took her off that. Then she was put on Adderall and it made her dizzy. She had taken that several years before when she was about 9 years old. She was also on paxil for about 2 weeks when she was 11 years old which has caused her down fall. She was admitted into a physciatric hospital due to suicidal thoughts and basically going nuts. We have taken her off medications because they weren't doing any good at all. At this time if she misses a dose of her depakote we all just have to pack up and move out. Be very careful what you put your children on. We did find out, about a year later, that the new studies on paxil caused suicidal tendency. I don't know if as she grows older her problems get worse or if putting her on the paxil in the first place caused the chemical imbalance. I still don't think we've found the miracle drug combination yet, never tried her on welbutrin. Maybe that would be the next step.

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I am responding to the statement the user before me had with her experience of having her daughter on Paxil. I was 19 at the time and this was the first of any kind of mental medication I was put on, mostly for shyness and depression. Anyway, I gained 40 lbs on it, (I'm 28 now, it's still a struggle) and if I went even an hour without my dose of paxil, my face and hands would go numb and I would go into a panic fit, like a tatrum as a toddler. Mind you, I was on 40 mgs, I beleive.. it took a very long time to get off of. I even had to go down to 1/4 of the pill to wean myself off of it, eventually turning to Lexapro with good results. I would suggest a non-stimulant for her add, as well as nutrition, and just getting her involved in outside volunteering. Strattera is a good add/adhd drug. Discuss all of this with your dr of course. . Your post may be old, but maybe it will help others! Good luck, and once you find something that works, don't let someone talk you into something different!

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Q: Has anyone tried Welbutrin and Strattera for an ADHD child?
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