Has castor oil helped any one go in labor at 35 weeks?

NO NO NO!!! Do not use Castor Oil ANYTIME during pregnancy! It is a harsh stimulant laxative and yes, it can make labor faster, but only if labor is ready to start on it's own. If you take it too early, it will not make your labor begin, but WILL most likely make you sick. I tried it, and wish I would have taken this warning serious, but like most women stuck at 40 weeks I was desperate. What Castor Oil does is loosens your stools. It causes you to have uncontrollable vomiting and diarreah. You can become seriously dehydrated and whats more is it passes thru the placenta so then you have a tiny baby making his/her first bowel movement in their warm safe home, turning it into a toxic nightmare! I took the max. dose of Castor Oil a week before I went into labor hoping it would speed things up. When I finally got to 7 cm, the doc broke my water and found there was meconium staining (baby had already pooped inside my uterus). This was the scariest thing for us. If a baby breathes in or swallows meconium they can be born with severe breathing problems (the poo is tar-like in texture and causes their little lung to be stuck closed) and even death (it is very toxic to a baby). Thank God my son was born without a drop breathed in or swallowed, but I know several other babies that werent that lucky. Please, give your baby the safest journey into the world and let him/her come on their own!