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He did not write them. He collected and compiled Gregorian chants.

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Q: Has it been proven that Pope Gregory wrote the Gregorian chants?
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Who wrote gregorian chants?

Hildegard of Bingen

What year was Invitatorium Deum Verum composed?

Etienne, Bishop of Liège, composed the first Gregorian chants that were used. The date he wrote them is not recorded, but he lived from 850 to 920 AD, and they are believed to have been written in the 10th century, so you have twenty years to play with.

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Which pope is credited for having Gregorian chant created in the 6th century?

Pope Saint Gregory the Great (would have been Pope Gregory the First) did not create Chant or Plainsong, but gathered it together and promoted it:from the Saints website:Elected 64th Pope by unanimous acclamation on 3 September 590, the first monk to be chosen. Sent Saint Augustine of Canterbury and a company of monks to evangelize England, and other missionaries to France, Spain, and Africa. Collected the melodies and plain chant so associated with him that they are now known as Gregorian Chants. One of the four great Doctors of the Latin Church. Wrote seminal works on the Mass and Divine Office, several of them dictated to his secretary, Saint Peter the Deacon.

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Gregory and Stalin are two separate people. Joseph Stalin was the ruthless leader of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union. Paul Gregory is a writer who wrote a book about Stalin.

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