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Q: Has it snowed in canyon country ca?
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When was the last time it snowed in torrance CA?

The last time it snowed in Torrance,CA was in 2007.

How far from Los Angeles CA to Canyon Country CA?

Well Canyon Country is located in Santa Clarita, which is 25.05 miles far from Los Angeles. It is also 45.15 kilometers far.

How high above sea level is canyon country ca?


When was the last time it snowed in Burbank CA?

it snowed today feb 26 2011!

What is the Macy's Santa Claus address?

30408 abelia rd. canyon country, Ca.

Last time it snowed in Modesto ca?


Has it snowed in Escondido CA before?

yes in 1964

When was the last time it snowed in Rocklin CA?


Has it ever snowed in SalinasCA?

The last time it snowed in Salinas, CA was in the 60s. Don't have an exact date but have a picture of me enjoying it!

Has it ever snowed in walnut creek ca?


Did it ever snowed in Long Beach ca?

Yes in 2000

Has it snowed in Hemet CA?

i do not think it has yet but, it has ALOT in Idiwild.

Has it ever snowed in Sacramento CA?

it happens, on rare occasions

Did it ever snow in CA?

Yes, it snowed at my house this week.

Does it snow in riverside ca?

yes, it does it had snowed when I was in second grade.

Where is Megan Paul the Zyrtec Girl from?

Megan is from Santa Clarita, CA... She attended High School at Canyon High in Canyon Country, CA. She always wore a pretty smile, and she was always a lot of fun to be around!

When was the last time it snowed in riverside ca?

it snowed in 2007. and last year there was heavy sleet. i live here so i know.

Is it possible to snow in Fillmore ca?

Yes It last Snowed There On February 26, 2011 it was the first time it snowed there in about 20 years!

What is the closest canyon to Palm Springs?

The Palm Canyon in Palm Desert CA

When was the last time it snowed in San Fransisco CA?

1976 Feb 5 i think!

Has it ever snowed in the Caribbean?

It has snowed once in the Caribbean. It snowed on January 19, 1977. Throughout the day, reports were made of light snow and rainfall all around the country.

Can you see Grand Canyon from CA?


Where is the Placerita Canyon Nature Center in Newhall California located?

The address of the Placerita Canyon Nature Center is: 19152 Placerita Ca, Newhall, CA 91321

Where does Tatum O'Neal live?

Temescal Canyon, CA

How far is American canyon ca to Sacramento ca?

53 miles taking I-80 EAST.