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Has someone ever tried to steal the Declaration of Independence?


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no one has ever tried to steal the declaration of independence.... only in the movie, National Treasure

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the declaration of independence makes an argument for independence because some of the wars colonist fought in didn't get independence................... i'm not sure if this the right answer but at least i tried........ i just guessed this answer looking in my text book hopefully its right

They could have been accused, tried and hung as traitors to the crown.

The Texas Declaration of Independence was important because all of the things written on it was the ultimate goal that the Texans tried to reach.

A quote in The Declaration of Independence,in the sixth amendment.

he singed and risked because he could not have british ruling over the colonies while he tried to unite them and declaration of independence stated that colonies were free from british (which we were technically not)

No one tried to steal it, besides, this is the stupidest thing to do.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by colonialist leaders and was sent to Britain. Britain tried to trivialize the document merely as the work of disgruntled colonists, going so far as to send propagandists to point out flaws in the document.

What is one way President Lincoln tried to get people to agree with him in the Gettysburg Address? by using language from deceleration of independence apex

nobody tried to steal Abraham Lincoln's body trust me i have studied

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No one has ever attempted to steal the Declaration. As it is almost impossible, the case is made of bullet proof glass, surrounded by guards, monitored with cameras with a heat sensors within the glass, go close to that thing with a fever and you'll be hauled right out of there. And to top it all off, every night it is sealed in an underground vault behind 3 inches of solid steel and 20 armed guards. So tell me, do you feel lucky... Punk?

Since the Americans won the war, there was no punishment. However, if the colonists had lost, the signers of the declaration would likely have been tried and convicted of treason against the king and hung, and their property confiscated.

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People should revolt when they have good reasons and have tried other solutions first.

The Declaration of Independence was issued i think im not that sure i didnt rlly get tht either but tried

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The Greek orator, ______, tried to warn the Greeks that Philip was a threat to their independence.

I think it was how he tried to get other colonist to declare independence.

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