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Look up the case of Cynthia Lynch who was murdered by the Klan.

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The KKK terrorized people with violence and much more commonly the threat of violence. This was very intimidating.

The KKK used guns, their fists, and other weapons to intimidate people with violence and more commonly, the threat of violence.

it was most prevelant in the south

Some of the methods of the KKK were violence and threats against black people and white republicans.

The KKK used fear and violence to intimidate others.

No, your not a terrorist if your a member of the KKK. A terrorist is when a person who use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments.

Intimidation and violence told people what they wanted to hear

The KKK did not help the US in any way.

The remnants of the KKK are impotent and there is no evidence of any KKK-related murder in many years.

Lynching was a practice by the Ku Klux Klan as an act of violence to kill people. The people who were victims of the KKK lynching were black people, Catholics, Jewish people, and any other person who opposed the racist beliefs or practices of the radicals.

Burn Houses, Violence and intimidation, they come at night (sleep depravation)

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The KKK subjugated black people, prevented the organization of the Republican Party in the South, promoted Prohibition and targeted moonshiners and bootleggers, and used violence to intimidate people.

School violence is when there is something violent happening at a school. The most recent outbursts of school violence have been shootings.

because of the extreme violence. he didnt support the lynching of African Americans.

Well, there's most likely some in Winthrop Harbor, right next to Zion. I haven't heard recent news on the KKK, but you never know, I guess.

None- . The KKK arose in the South after the Civil War. No US presidents had any adult ties with the Southern states in the years that the KKK was active so there is no reason why any of them would have joined.

Here is an article on KKK in Ohio:

No, in fact the KKK made it a point to persecute not only Blacks but Jews and Catholics as well.

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