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Some would say that America, having declared slavery illegal through the enactment of the 13th Amendment, and having fought a civil war which nearly tore this nascent nation asunder, a war which resulted in over 500,000 killed or wounded, has apologized quite adequately in its own blood. However, it would be well to remember that historically, slavery was introduced into North America by colonists during the period of British colonization in the 1600 and 1700s. Therefore, in point of fact, slavery in North America preceded the establishment of the United States of America as an independent country by over 100 years. For those who are looking for someone to blame, Britain, not America, must be considered primarily responsible for slavery becoming established and so deeply rooted in the Colonies' culture and economy. Ultimately, it was the independent United States of America that took it upon itself, at great cost as noted above, to abolish slavery in America and recognize all men as being equal in the eyes of the law. It took nearly 100 years to do so, but the United States of America finally rejected literally thousands of years of slaving history worldwide. Now America is being asked to apologize? Those who would single America out, among all the nations throughout history that have engaged in slavery, and demand additional apologies often have other agendas.

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The above answer is apologetic, revisionist and worse historically incorrect, it was the English who first outlawed slavery (Council of London 1102) and while English religious fundamentalists independent of Great Britain and against British law introduced slavery to the 13 colonies it was the British Royal Navy in 1788 (Sir William Dolben's Act) and (Abolition Of The Slave Trade Act) who policed the seas capturing slavers and freeing slaves from all ships irrespective of that nation's colours. Meanwhile the United States continued to use slaves, it wasn't until 1807 (Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves) that the trade was finally outlawed; however, the slave trade increased dramatically to pander to the South's cotton industry. On a side note, after Jefferson gave his 'All Men Are Created Equal' speech he had children by Sally Hemmings (1773-1835) who he kept as slaves throughout their lives.

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Q: Has the US government apologized for African-American slavery?
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