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no, it has actually increased and the biggest increase are among those in prison

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Does Ashley Tisdale want to convert to Islam?

There is no indication that Ashley Tisdale in considering conversion to Islam.

What is the fastest growing religion of the world by conversion?


Other than conversion how did Islam spread?

The spread of Islam was initially driven by increasing trade links outside of the fragmentary evidence does not suggest a rolling wave of conversion.

When did Dave chapelle convert to Islam?

i wasn't aware he converted to Islam , but if he did he probably did in "the great conversion of 82'"

How do you get Muslim conversion?

to conver into Islam you say the shahada sincerely

What groups were most responsible for the conversion of Indians to Islam?

Indians were not converted to Islam, they mainly believe in Hinduism and Buddhism.

When Islam going to take over Christianity?

May be in next 25 years... islam is spreading like anything in western countries (by conversion from Christianity to Islam)

What groups were responsible for the conversion of Indians to Islam?

Traders and Sufi mystics

How did Islam become a major religion in Central Asia?

Forceful conversion.

If a woman is married then converts to Islam are they automatic separated?

Good question! Usually, conversion to Islam happens BEFORE marriage.

How did Islam originate and spread?

The spread of Islam began when, around 613 CE, the Islamic prophet .... Moreover, conversion to Islam did not necessarily imply a complete turning from an old.

Did Prophet Muhammad believed in aggression and forcible conversion?

No, he did not. The name Islam which is Arabic for peace therefore Islam is all about peace and love.

What is Robert Pattinson's family's reaction towards his conversion to Islam?

edward cullen

Why did Cassius Clay changes name to Muhammad Ali?

Religious conversion to Islam

How many people convert to and from Islam?

A:Statistical data on conversion to and from Islam are scarce. What little information is available suggests that there is no substantial net gain or loss in the number of Muslims through conversion globally. The relatively high growth of Islam seems to be correlated to population growth in third-world countries.

Can you convert from Islam to Hinduism in Dubai?

Conversion from Islam to another religion is not recognized, and no data was available to assess if any such conversions took place. The legal punishment for conversion is death, although there have been no known prosecutions nor legal punishments for apostasy in court. Converts may be persuaded to return to Islam, may conceal their new faith, or may travel to another country where their conversion is recognized to avoid the social stigma of converting from Islam to another religion.

What religion did the Persians follow?

Prior to the conversion to Islam, the predominant religion of Persia was Zoroastrianism.

Is it true of Whitney Houston's conversion to Islam?

No, there is no evidence that Whitney Houston converted to Islam before she died. She was raised a Christian, a member of the Baptist church.

The spread of Islam to lands south of the Sahara came about through?

Instead, the usual pattern for the spread of Islam south of the Sahara was through gradual and peaceful conversion.

Can a Muslim woman marry a convert?

Yes, a Muslim woman can marry a convert to Islam religion. However, the convert into Islam religion should have full belief and faith in Islam. Conversion to Islam should not be just to get right to marry a Muslim woman.

The Islamic empire made people learn to what?

To have fear and respect for Islam. And to submit to conversion by the sword.

What is holy month of Islam where fasting takes place?


What was the religion in Afghanistan before September 11 2001?


Who caused September 11th 2001?

The Ideology of the religion Islam

What was the fact about Pope Benedict XVI's conversion to Islam?

It isn't a fact. Benedict is, and always has been, a Catholic.