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ADD/ADHD is a genetic trait. Thirty years ago, there was no diagnosis or treatment. While people exhibited the symptoms, they merely had to cope.

During the 1980s, treatment involved a Central Nervous System stimulant, believed to be a norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor, which allowed such students to focus upon boring subjects, for a longer period of time.

During the 2000s, clinicians found that ADD/ADHD children often did not outgrow the symptoms. For instance, a child that was physically hyperactive as a child may simply talk incessantly, as an adult.

Incidence, therefore, has not increased. Only diagnosis & treatment has increased. ADD is not a genetic defect. Neither is it a disease.

Consider that some people get thin on carbohydrates, while others become obese. Some people have brown hair, others blonde. Some like football, others like Chess.

ADD is simply a different wiring pattern in the brain. It multi-tasks quite well. It acquires information through vision, and and observation.

Our modern society, however, tends to require long hours of focus, upon single boring subjects, tying people to a desk, using books that have few pictures.

Thus, ADD/ADHD people were wired properly for "beginning of time" to 1900, but poorly for 1901 until Present.

They tend to excel at Entrepreneurship, Military Service afield, and rapid troubleshooting. They tend to get an 'A' in chemistry Lab, but an 'F' in Lecture.

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Q: Has there been an increase in ADD or ADHD in the past 5-10 years and what is the percentage if so?
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