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Has there been gold found in southern Illinois?

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There is no gold or diamonds in Illinois...................................latter is not exactly correct,i pan gold south of Harrisburg-pankeyville area(if you know the area this info is like saying that flake of snow is mine in a snow drift) and now that gold prices have risen,almost worth the copperheads and rattlers. found many old gold coins around war bluff., but be prepared this area VERY dangerous for the novice or unequipped, but steeped in American history . stones are found 60-80 miles ne along Indiana border within the Ohio river area. panning since 1987.

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Is there gold in southern Illinois?

there have been unconfirmed reports of minute flakes in very small quantity in and around the shawnee area. but nothing substantial to b worth it.

Has gold been found in arkansas?

There has been some gold found in Arkansas, as recently as 2013. However, significant amounts of gold have not been found recently.

What was the most gold found in California?

In southern california

Where is gold found in saskatchewan?

Lode gold is found in northern Saskatchewan in the rocks of the Canadian Shield. Placer gold is found in some of the streams in the southern part of the province. It was brought there by melting glaciers.

Where was gold found?

Gold has been found in many different places over the years. Gold has been found in: Iraq,California,Sierra Nevada,Africa, It is a natural occurance. You can find gold in nature.

When was the gold found in Port Phillip Bay?

No gold has been found in Port Phillip Bay in Australia.

Has gold ever been found in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Gold can be found in all East Coast States.

Where is gold found in Massachusetts?

I read an article that gold has been found in the berkshires near the town of becket.

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Who founed Gold?

Gold has been known to the ancients. It's unknown who and when they found it.

Is gold found underground?

Yes, usually gold is mined in underground mines. Gold can be found on the surface where it has been exposed by erosion and in river sediments.

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How do you get a gold puffle on Club Penguin?

The gold puffle is a myth. It hasn't been found.

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Yes, gold has been found in many different places in PA. Bethlehem Steel ran on pure profit for close to 100 years because they struck gold while mining. Gold can still be found in many creeks and streams in PA.

Does Illinois mine gold?


Why is gold in California but not Illinois?

California has more earthquakes and the type of rock where gold is. In Illinois, we have mostly sedimentary rock so we don't have gold deposits.

Where has gold been found in Australia?

all over Australia

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What treasures have been found in Lake Superior?

rotten gold

What historical items were found recently in Western Australia?

On 18 May 2011, it was reported that $500,000 in gold coins had been dug up by builders in Albany, on western Australia's southern coast.

Was the first gold found Australia?

Not at all. Gold has been known since the time of ancient Egypt.

Where has Gold been found in California?

Gold was found in many areas of California. However the area that was richest in it were the central and northern parts of the Sierra Nevada.