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Q: Has there been shark sightings in lakes?
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Have any sharks been found in the great lakes?

no a shark has not been found in the great lakes but there has been a recorded attact but there is no proof that it was a shark and no proof that it wasn' we may never know if there is a shark in the great lakes.

Are sharks found in Hudson bay?

No there have not been any documented sightings of great whites in Hudson bay. There have been ( very rare) documented sightings of nurse sharks and Greenland sharks ( capable of growing to a size able 7 meters ( 23 ') very little is known about the Greenland shark. A specimen was found with a polar bear jaw in Norway , but it's unknow whether it was captured or scavenged. Greenlands have been confirmed in shallow waters in the St Lawrence and even caught ice fishing in connected lakes in quebec. The porbeagle shark, a cold water shark may be in Hudson Bay.

Has there been white puffle sightings?

there has been some white puffle sightings

Is a megalodon the largest shark?

Yes it is. There were sightings of another really big shark called the sleeping shark,(which is really rare), but that was a long time ago.

Have there been sightings of Bigfoot in Georgia?

There have been sightings in all 48 continental states.

Has a shark ever been found in the great lakes?

people have made unconmired claims bull sharks can live in fresh water for long peirods of time it is possible for one to make it the great lakes but very unlikely never had there been an offical record of a shark no could one have been in the great lakes even for a small amount of time unlikely but possible

How many UFO sightings were there in Arizona?

A LOT of sightings have been seen there.

Have there been any sightings of cougars or mountain lions in Northern Maine?

There have been claims of sightings of these large cats in Maine, but the sightings are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Has there ever been a sighting of megalodon in 2008?

Curiously yes. There's quite a fad on about the giant shark. All these sightings are suspect however, it just too hard to believe that a shark that size could be missed.

Have there been unicorn sightings?


Were there Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania?

Yes, there has been alleged Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania.

Has a shark been in the great lakes?

yes sharks need salt water. the great lakes are fresh water. there are such things as fresh water bull sharks.that means it is possible

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