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No. The proof dollars were struck in Philadelphia instead of San Francisco, so if your book includes slots for the proof coins, there should be two 1999 P's.

Good question but no, I looked the coin up in the 2006 Red Book and on the internet and found nothing on a 1999-S Susan B. Anthony coin. Though there is a proof for the 1999-P.

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Q: Has there ever been a 1999-S Susan B. Anthony coin struck?
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Has there ever been a 1999 S Susan B Anthony coin struck?

No, The San Francisco Mint did not strike any 1999 dollars.

What is the value of a 1897 Susan B Anthony nickel?

There is no such nickel. Susan B Anthony has only been featured on the dollar coin in the late 1900s.

How old is Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 and died on March 13, 1906. Susan B. Anthony would have been 86 years old at the time of death or 195 years old today.

Value of 1832 Susan B. Anthony coin?

There is no 1832 Susan B Anthony coin. Susan B Anthony was born in 1820 - which would mean that she would have been 11 or 12 years old in 1832. No "living" person has ever been used as the image on our coins. Especially a 12 year old.

Has Susan B. Anthony ever been speculated of being gay?

Yes, there have been speculations like this.

Did Susan b Anthony had a horse?

*Did Susan B. Anthony have a horse? And yes, she most likely did have a horse because cars had not been invented so horses were the most commonly used form of transporation.

Did Susan B. Anthony serve as a President of the US of America?

No she did not, to date there have been no female presidents of U.S.A.

How many women have been pictured on US Currency?

I can think of 2 Martha Washington on the silver certificate and Susan B Anthony..

Has Susan B Anthony been a victim of religious intolerance?

i dont know but i need to know the answer for my project can anyone help me PLEASE!?

Who were the women that have been on the US coins?

Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin, Sacagawea on the golden dollar, and Helen Keller on the Alabama quarter

What is the value of a gold Susan B. Anthony dollar coin?

I was looking through a coin book that I bought at the store today and it said that there had been a mistake in mints and that the susan B Anthony was made in place of another coin. I'm not sure its worth at the moment but I know that it is worth something. ______________________________________________________________________ Most of the "gold" Anthony dollars on the market are plated and have no extra value. In 1999 a few of them were accidentally struck on brass blanks intended for Sacajawea dollars, and these are worth a considerable amount. However you'd need to have the coin authenticated by an expert to be sure what it is.

If the Anthony who led the woman's movement in the 1800's had a nickname for her first name it might have been what?

A nickname for Susan B Anthony might be Iron-willed Anthony. She endured opposition and abuse as she traveled, lectured, and canvassed across the nation for women's rights.

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