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Professional? Yes, there are women who get paid to play, but not in the Major Leagues, i.e. for the Yankees, et al. which is probably what you meant.

The first woman to play professional Baseball (in recent memory) was Ila Borders with the Saint Paul Saints of the 1997 Northern League. She played professionally for 4 seasons in the independent professional leagues. Here is her bio:

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Has there been female Major League baseball players?

No there has never been a female Major League player.

Who was the First female Major League Baseball player?

The previous answer of "Harriet Beecher Stowe" is incorrect. There has never been a female major league baseball player. Harriett Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist and author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Born in 1811, she was 58 years old when the first professional baseball team, the Cincinatti Red Stockings, was founded.

Has there ever been a black female profesional baseball player?

Professional? Yes -- Toni Stone played in the Negro Leagues in the 1950s. She also played in the Negro minor leagues in the 1940s.

Can a women become a professional player at any age?

I assume you are referring to Baseball. The answer is four-feather walls or falls- NO WAY Josefina! There has never been a female player in the Major Leagues. There was a short-lived female baseball league during War II it fizzles after the big leagues got back up to speed. The only professional ( taking this somewhat loosely_ female Baseball player to play- with and against Men, was the phenomenal athlete- all-rounder but probably best known as a professional Golfer and founder of the LPGA- Mildred ( Babe) Didriksen, who died in I believe l955 or 56. That"s all folks.

How many females have played Major League Baseball?

None, there has never been a female player in Major League baseball.

Has there been a player that has played more than 2 sports?

Michael Jordan played both professional basketball in the NBA and professional baseball in the MLB.

How many professional baseball teams have there been?

there have been 100 since the day i was born

Has there ever been a Chinese professional football player?


Has there ever been a female NFL football player?

No. But, the rules do not state that a female can't play.

What famous people have angelman syndrome?

The sons of actor Colin Farrell, author Ian Rankin, professional baseball player Dave Henderson and professional hockey player Peter McDuffe. No other truly famous people have been diagonsed with this condition as far as i know. Hope that helped :)

Is Jackie mitchell still alive?

No, Jackie Mitchell passed away on January 7, 1987 at the age of 74. She is particularly noted for having been one of the first female pitchers in the history of professional baseball.

Has there ever been a female grand master?

oh yes. the strongest female player in the world is Judit Polgar.

What is Carlos Ruiz famous for?

Carlos Ruiz is a professional baseball player that currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He's a catcher that has been known for his defense behind the plate and occasionally his bat.

What achievements has Bernie Williams accomplished?

Bernie Williams has accomplished many things in his life so far. He has been a professional baseball player with the New York Yankees and also a musician.

What year did Daniela Hantuchova turn professional?

"Daniela Hantuchova, a Slovakian professional tennis player, turned professional in 1999. She has had success in both singles and doubles through her career although she has never been considered a ""top"" singles player."

What is the profession of Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is a professional golf player. Tiger has been playing golf since he was only 2 years old and he has been a professional golfer since 1996.

What degree would you need to become a pro baseball player?

You do not need any type of degree to play baseball. Many players have never even been to college let alone have a degree. These players are typically drafted right out of high school around 18 or 19 years of age, so in essence, some players will only have their high school diploma. That being said, to be a professional athlete or in this case a professional baseball player, a degree is not required.

What is the farthest a baseball bat has been thrown in professional baseball?

probably 90 or 180 feet, nobody can throw the distance of two bases

When Has a baseball player been traded in the middle of a game?


What was the first ever female baseball players name?

There have been numerous remarkable female softball players but Jenny Finch is along the best.

Has there ever been a professional hockey player who attended Duke University?

Yes his name is Nick Bruns

Which Major League Baseball franchise was the first to have a female owner?

there hasent been one yet

Who is the best baseball in the world?

Not specific enough. Do you mean best baseball PLAYER, or best baseBALL? Rawlings makes all the baseballs used in professional baseball, so it might be considered the best ball. If you mean Player, that is up to conjecture. There have been many great players in the history of baseball and many good ones currently playing. Many can prove their point as to who the "best" is, or was, with statistics to prove the point. However, the term best is still speculative.

Who is the best female tennis player for the year 2008?

Maria! It could have been Martina or Nicole.

Has there ever been a baseball player named Dylan?

Dylan Axelrod