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Well in WCW Scott Steiner and DDP were known for not following the planned match results.

In the old days, there were Wrestling matches called "shoots" which were matches that were real. The guys would go out an kick each other's asses and then win for real.

The most famous one is the "Montreal Screw Job" at the 97 Survivor Series in the main event for the WWF title Bret Hart (C) vs Sean Michaels. Vince really wanted Bret to drop the belt as Bret had just signed for WCW and was on his way out and Vince didn't want Bret to walk over to WCW as the WWF champion but Bret said he didn't want to drop the belt at Montreal but would happily do it the next night instead. As the match came to a climax, Sean Michaels had Bret Hart in the sharpshooter and with Mr. McMahon at ringside, called for the bell to be sound without Bret actually tapping out. In the ring, Bret Hart spat on Vince who was standing outside with Sean Michaels also irate in the ring. Although it now turns out that Sean Michaels knew about the screwjob all along and so did Earl Hebner the referee in the ring who was good friends with Bret. Basically Vince screwed Bret. Theres a documentry about it on the WWF confidential volume 1 DVD.

Back in the '80s, when Spider Lady (Fabulous Moolah) beat Wendi Richter for the WWF women's title Moolah "hooked" her, that is, actually pinned her so she couldn't escape. This was planned, as Richter refused to job, and WWF wanted to get the title off of her and fire her.

There is a slight, I say slight, possibility that they still do shoots in dark venues.

The "supposed" screwjob of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels was completely planned. Wait until the Bret Hart DVD and for all of you huge Bret Hart fans, prepared to be shocked when Bret Hart tells the truth. The "supposed" screwjob was completely planned so he would definitelly drop the title before leaving to go to WCW. Like most title changes the WWE wanted it on a PPV, and Bret Hart came up with the idea of dropping it to where it looked as though the WWE and McMahon screwed him over.

There was one match that didn't exactly end the way it was supposed to. During the WWE/WCW Invasion angle during Unforgiven, Kane, and Undertaker wrestled against Kronik. Kronik was to take the belts from the Brothers of Destruction, but if you watch the match closely those who have it, Brian Adams completely didn't give it his all, and this actually pissed off all three of the other men in the match. Taker even swears so loud you can hear him up in the nosebleed sections. The match was eventually changed somewhere when Brian Adams started really trying to slug the other men. Of course, the two were no longer offered a deal after that match either.

The only two matches I have ever heard of not going as planned were the Bret/Michaels match from Survior Series 97 and the Hardcore Battle Royal from Wrestle Mania 16. Crash was supposed to win but Holly won instead. You can see the confusion from JR, Finkel and the referee.

I heard that back in 1999 and 2000 Farroq used to be sent in to straighten out certin wrestlers.

I think they do that with developmental guys. If it's a developmental guy against a WWE Superstar than the Superstar will obviously win unless it's time for the developmental guy to get called up to the main roster. But if it's developmental vs. another developmental at house shows or something, I think they just let them go at it with each wrestler really trying to beat the other in hopes of impressing some officials. You gotta feel sorry for them though when they're going against "Hardcore" Bob Holly. It's common knowledge that the only reason he's still around is because Vince McMahon uses him as an enforcer. He uses him to kind of give the new guys their "initiation".

Well there are a few things that didn't end right, like many diva's popping out of their tops and Lita injuring her shoulder due to a powerbomb which shouldn't of happened and Lita getting her eye cut open which should of happened

It happens all the time. They have to make it work with the story line.

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Q: Has there ever been a wrestling match in the WWE or WWF without a predetermined result or a case of wrestlers not ending the match as planned?
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